Get the best mosquito killer for quick and easy mosquito extermination.

Mosquito bites can ruin your much-awaited fishing trip with the bros (or sisses - everyone CAN go fishing!) or your backyard BBQ party with the family...basically ruining what little social life you have.

Don't let these buggers hijack your life - we'll help you get rid of your mosquito problem using the best mosquito killer and other pest control devices!

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Having lived in tropical countries like The Philippines, Cambodia, and Vietnam, Brian knows how infuriating it is to be peppered with mosquito bites and swarmed with flying cockroaches.

Read more about Brian's (and his co-author's) war with the mosquito race and other six-legged flying atrocities here or join him in the battle with the proven guide/s below.

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Best Mosquito Killer List for 2017

When my wife forced to me make a ½ acre fish pond in the yard (which I have no choice but to agree) I had no idea I was basically calling for a one big summer outing for these critters.

So, I had to research for about 8 hours to find the best mosquito killer (plus another 8 hours for testing) – again, I had to do the work ALL by myself. Feel free to knock yourselves out!

These are the 13 best mosquito killers I've found.

My Best Mosquito Bit Pick

Only after a few days in, I started seeing major changes. The mosquitoes were already struggling to pick themselves up. It was about one week where they were almost gone.

From time to time, I’d still here some occasional buzzing (probably one or two) but the surviving critters don’t have much energy left to ruin my time at the yard.

It also appears that Mosquito Bits works great for Fungus Gnats control; this may help you if you enjoy gardening in plant beds or ports.

best mosquito bits

I’ve also tried sprinkling it on the surface of the soil as well as combining it with potting soil before planting. To my surprise, it eliminates fungus gnat larvae on the dot.

Generally speaking, it deserves to be included in our best-of list, and if that doesn’t convince you, this is surprisingly light on the pocket as well.


  • Non-toxic to humans
  • EPA registered in all states
  • Approved for pest control in organic farming
  • check-circle
    Major improvements in one week


  • You won’t see any changes on your first application
  • Manufacturer claims to have a shaker lid, but it doesn’t shake.

Great Indoor Mosquito Killer

It has two UV bulbs that blast attractant ultraviolet rays up to an impressive 80 ft. If it weren’t for the wide coverage range and its 2,800-volt shock, this would have never made it on the list.

However, I do personally like the fact that you don’t have to deal with any chemicals and unwanted odors. This is ideally for places where pesticides aren’t allowed to be sprayed, such as your home kitchen.

Also, it doesn’t make any annoying zap sounds when flies are caught up, which separates this unit from other brands - kind of weird if you ask me, but I'm not complaining!

original electronic zapper pest soldier

Another thing to point out is that it’s pretty easy to use (simply plug it and you’re done!) There’s no maintenance to worry about as well. As for the dead mosquitoes, they are nicely kept in a tray for a fast and easy disposal. Placement is flexible; you can hang it on the wall or simply make it stand on its own.


  • Uses a powerful 2,800-volt shock
  • Wide coverage area (up to 80ft away!)
  • Easy to use with no maintenance


  • Metal guard on the side has the tendency to be loose
  • Carcass tray isn’t securely placed

Best Outdoor Mosquito Zapper

While I may be a bit biased due to its fire aesthetics (I’m a huge fan of simple designs) but it has more to offer than just looks - definitely one of the best devices out there.

Certainly, the fact that the product is already fully assembled upon opening the package greatly helps.

This has a non-clogging killing grid, and it uses an advanced electronic technology when in action. Flowtron BK-15D covers approximately half an acre for its killing radius.

flowtron mosquito zapper

For your safety, the manufacturer recommends this zapper be restricted at least within 25-feet of the area where human activity takes place.

Also, this shouldn’t be attached to your house to avoid accidents. Bulb replacement process is quite easy; it doesn’t need you to take out your toolbox. Moreover, it’s been made with weatherproof polycarbonate construction, so it won’t crack or fade.


  • Covers up to half an acre
  • Construction doesn’t rust or fade
  • Bulb replacement doesn’t need tools


  • Cartridge needs to be replaced every month

Best Ultrasonic Mosquito Repellent Pick

Here’s one thing that I hate more than mosquitoes – yep, spiders. Neatmaster is THE best ultrasonic technology I’ve used so far.

It works to drive away mice, rats, *SPIDERS*, snakes, and ants. Basically, it drives out a whole range of pests from your home - not only your mosquito problem!

It doesn’t work on the spot though, you may have to wait for a couple of weeks before they haul-ass. Also, don’t worry about your pet dog or cat, it’s virtually inaudible to them and to humans.

neatmaster ultrasonic pest repeller

This is a great alternative if you want to stay away from harmful poisons and other dangerous chemicals. And the fact that you don’t have to go through the whole guilt-trip feels for being a mice killer is great.

Manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee assurance; you can have your money back if you don’t start seeing results within 3 weeks (as I read on their product listing)


  • Eco-friendly and economical choice
  • Safe for your house pets and to humans
  • Easy to use and operate (only takes seconds!)
  • check-circle
    Lifetime guarantee assurance 


  • It doesn’t work on cockroaches as advertised

Best Multi-Purpose Option: LED Light + Mosquito Zapper / Killer

It doesn’t get all of the bugs, but it does cover a wide specimen of mosquitoes. It mostly targets house flies, fruit flies, mushroom flies, mosquitoes (of course), moths, and the rest of the squad.

What I find really interesting is that it comes in pretty handy – you’re getting a powerful mosquito killer zapper AND an awesome LED light. Or if you want, you can change the settings and use it as a zapper only item.

Being continuously plugged in, this doesn’t eat much electricity. In addition, cleaning the light bulb doesn’t call for any complications to boot.

Bug Zapper Light Bulb

Feel free to use it wherever you want, this is a multi-site application zapper unlike Flowtron BK-15D, so you can easily install it in your living room, deck, backyard, garden, and etc.

So yeah, this is great if the mosquitoes in your place are flying around in more than one area as you don’t have to purchase another one.


  • Low-energy consumption
  • Easily install it in any application
  • Hassle-free light bulb clean-up


  • Screw base may be too short for some exteriors

Best Electric Mosquito Swatter / Killer

Ah, the best mosquito zapper for those people who don’t get enough exercise. One swing can burn your calories while shredding mosquitoes with its 3,000-volt grid. It’s one of my all-time favorites for killing insects in a more modern approach.

Since we’re keeping it light, its USB charging is surprisingly fast. It generally finishes charging after a few hours, and it can go at it for a very long time.

When swatting at night, you can use its built-in LED light to help you navigate in the darkness. Furthermore, it’s been designed to keep you safe from zapping yourself.

zap its swatter

Pressing the activation button automatically prompts an indicator light. If that doesn’t boost your confidence, it has a triple-layer safety mesh if you were to accidentally touch the tool while it’s on – we all have those absent-minded moments.


  • Fun and effective method
  • Fast USB Charging
  • Convenient LED light
  • check-circle
    Safety mesh prevents injuries


  • Need for occasional re-bending
  • Not entirely durable for long-term use

Best Propane Mosquito Fogger

You may have to spend a bit more in comparison to the other products since this is what the pros use to kill off mosquitoes. It has the capacity to keep you away from flying insects up to 6 hours.

Designed to take on a 5,000 square foot yard in less than ten minutes, and it’s safe to go back to the area once the fog has dispersed. It’s only a five-minute wait, so it’s definitely a catch. 

This propane mosquito fogger eliminates them before they have the chance to buzz as this is right before the mosquitoes come out of their hiding places.

burgess 1443

Burgess 1443 Propane Mosquito Fogger

Burgess 1443 has the portability factor down as it’s powered by propane. By the way, for optimal results, it’s best to pre-heat the fogger for around 2 minutes.


  • Trusted by the professionals
  • Covers 5,000 square foot yard
  • Fog disperse after 5 minutes
  • check-circle
    Effective up to 6 hours


  • You need a lot of fog juice to get it working

Best Propane Mosquito Trap

As our winner for the best propane mosquito trap, SV5100 uses a unique system composed of a vacuum and sticky paper traps to lure the mosquitoes in and secure them in place.

To get it kicking, just simply place it in a shady area. You can keep SV5100 in place with its security spikes (which comes free, btw) and you’re good to go.

There’s an electronic ignition that makes sure each start is fast and easy. For safety purposes, there’s a rain cover installed to keep the machine safe from damaging elements.

Assembly time only takes a few minutes to finish, and just like with some few others on the list, no tools are needed. The cart is wheeled so you can easily move it from one place to another, which is great for changing areas.

Blue Rhino SV3100 SkeeterVac Mosquito Eliminator

Blue Rhino Skeetervac

Significant results can be seen within four to six weeks of operation, assuming that you’re using it around the clock. It covers about an acre of your yard.

It also gives you a 1-year limited warranty for those buyers who want to make sure it’s working well, get it while it lasts, people!


  • Wheeled cart for portability
  • Covers up to one acre
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • check-circle
    Free security spikes
  • check-circle
    Rain cover add-on


  • Maintenance is costly (uses 40lb propane every month)

Good Mosquito Zapper Alternative

A cheap and an environment-friendly alternative for eliminating mosquitoes, Bug Zapper has done it once again.

But the real highlight here is its compact design, weighing at only 5.6 ounces, this makes it REALLY convenient to carry around.

This wins an extra point for those people who are constantly traveling from one city to another. Cleaning it may need you to use a screwdriver, but it’s only for static electricity release.

Bug Zapper Electronic Mosquito Zapper

It only takes a couple of minutes though to clean it up. When removing the lid, just use a small brush to get rid of the mosquitoes and gnats.

Of course, for this purchase, you’re getting 2 packs of a mosquito killer. There’s a 30-day warranty as well, the manufacturer seems to be pretty confident. They promise to give you a full refund if satisfaction is not met.


  • Compact design made for travels
  • Easy to clean and fast maintenance
  • Offers a 30-day warranty


  • Attracts mosquitoes, but isn’t effective on bugs

Great Indoor Mosquito Killer (Zapper) Alternative

Although this hasn’t snagged an award on our list, it does have some pretty cool features to show off. Hoont Mosquito Zapper has a two 10 watt ultraviolet bulbs that draw mosquitoes and other flying insects into the zapper.

Due to its high-voltage, insects are immediately killed upon impact. Moreover, it carries a detachable chain for safety measures. If you have kids running around home, you can keep it out-of-reach by mounting it on the wall.

The dead bodies of mosquitoes and bugs are placed in its convenient try which can be found at the bottom. It’s pretty easy to remove and clean, and as a bonus, it doesn’t clog at all.

Hoont Powerful Electronic Indoor Bug Zapper

Homes with larger areas are better off with this unit. The makers made sure that the light covers all four directions to effectively attract mosquitoes. It can cover up to an incredible 6,000 square feet!

But what won me over is the fact that it doesn’t call for any maintenance at all. As an additional bonus, it’s as easy as plugging it in for it to start working. All these features make it one of the best indoor mosquito trap in my book.


  • Uses high-intensity ultraviolet bulbs
  • Covers a wide 6,000 square feet range
  • Easy removal and easy to clean
  • check-circle
    No need for maintenance


  • Tray may be a bit too difficult to remove