Get rid of mosquitoes, the fast and easy way.

Mosquito bites can ruin your much-awaited fishing trip with the bros or your backyard BBQ party with the family...basically ruining what little social life you have.

Don't let these buggers hijack your life - we'll help you get rid of mosquitoes using the best propane mosquito tools and other pest control devices!

Meet Brian, Author of

Having lived in tropical countries like The Philippines, Cambodia, and Vietnam, Brian knows how infuriating it is to be peppered with mosquito bites and swarmed with flying cockroaches.

Read more about Brian's (and his co-author's) war with the mosquito race and other six-legged flying atrocities here or join him in the battle with the proven guides below.

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Product Reviews & Buying Guides

We spent 40+ hours for each guide, asking pest control experts and product manufacturers, and then testing some of the products ourselves to come up with a solid, trustworthy guide you can follow.

propane mosquito fogger

Propane Mosquito Foggers

Planning to have a family barbecue or want your little ones to play in the yard? A propane mosquito fogger can almost make the day extra awesome.

propane mosquito trap

Propane mosquito traps are great complements to foggers. We recommend using these in tandem to eliminate potential biters.