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Meet Brian, Author of InsectHobbyist.com

Mosquitoes, in general, are probably one of the most annoying creatures that have existed on planet earth.

Flying in a kamikaze-manner right into everyone’s faces and eyes, their thirst for blood is the death of us - no, literally.

It can very well be the death of us with all the diseases it carries.

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This is even more so when you dream of jumping from one tropical country to another. You’re bound to get infested with mosquitoes with their blood-sucking intention.

Same goes for Brian. It was a surprising journey for Brian Steele as his initial visit to these tropical places were more than just surprising. As a matter of fact, it was a terribly itchy experience.

Mosquitoes always have been a big problem for him everytime he hopped from one tropical country to another.

So, how did he manage to battle these creatures? You’ll learn more about it thru navigating the site.

Tropical Experience

With the list of tropical countries Brian visited in the past decade, he knew that this concern is more than just a minor problem.

Especially since he fell in love with the white sand beaches, coconut trees, and the overall gist in the Philippines, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Re-visiting back to these countries without any ammo is definitely a no-go.

Brian found different ways to repel these mosquitoes thru the use of propane mosquito foggers and propane mosquito traps. It took him years of personal experience to finally narrow down his favorite list of products to help everyone out in their journey.

What's The Goal?

InsectHobbyist.com is created to let other people know there are cheap and economical ways to defeat these little vampires that can mostly be found in our yard, homes, and patio.

This goes out to travelers who dream of visiting tropical countries without any fear of getting diseases coming from mosquitoes just like Steele.

For Brian, this site is more about helping a comrade live a more happier and healthier life as his guides and articles show the readers how the minds of mosquitoes works.

In hopes that this would reach out to a global scale, Brian continues to share how he successfully got rid of insects, mosquitoes, and bugs while keeping his bag light from travel load.