Best Bed Bug Traps

The 5 Best Bed Bug Traps to Buy in 2022

There is a reason why the old saying “don’t let the bed bugs bite,” reminds us we should not let the tiny cretins bite us. One of the best things after a long day is for us to be able to rest properly and have a good night’s sleep. This will give us the energy we need for our activities the following day.

But what happens if bed bugs are out and about? Would you still get the restful sleep you were hoping for? The answer to this is simple. Chances are, you will not be at peace. What’s worse is when you wake up, you would see that you have a lot of insect bites on you. The bites may sting for quite some time and would make you feel uncomfortable. These will then start to itch and would take a few days for it to settle down.

You might even have to use medications for it. It may also reach the point of discomfort where your daily functions are affected because of the nasty insect bites. Bed bugs shouldn’t make you feel this way! With that, here are five best bed bug traps you can use to get to enjoy your bed and rest easy.

Top 5 Best Bed Bug Traps Reviews

1. Bed Bug ClimbUp Interceptors

The Bed Bug ClimbUp Interceptors make sure that your space is free of any pests. This is safe to use on your bedrooms since this does not actually contain any pesticide. It works in a way that it traps the live bugs for early detection. It’s important to note that this is a passive trap which means it does not necessarily kill the bed bugs upon detection.

Instead, it helps you locate where the bed bugs are at, and you would have to deal with them separately. This is one of its advantages since you will not have to worry about your children or family members, from inhaling any toxic chemicals used in pesticides. Its dual-well design makes it possible for you to detect where the bed bugs crawl. After you have killed the bugs, the Bed Bug ClimbUp Interceptors can also be used to help you determine if there are still any pesky bedbugs left.

One pack contains twelve interceptors, and it’s designed specifically to fit any furniture with posts. It could fit posts that measure 3.75 inches in diameter or less. This product does not only work with stationary posts, but it can also work with pieces of furniture that have roller posts. Using the Bed Bug ClimUp Interceptors will free you from using sticky traps. Its slick design will not allow any bugs to escape.

The product is made of thicker, new and improved polypro design that is resistant to damage brought about by weight. For best results, you can add talc powder to it. The interceptors can function alone without it and it is not included in the initial purchase. This is a great product especially since nobody likes having strong-smelling pesticides inside their rooms.

It gives you peace of mind without having to worry about your health. Think about it – if you have a little kid in the room you definitely would not want them to inhale any toxic chemicals while they’re sleeping, right? With the Bed Bug Climbup Interceptors, you will not have to worry about that because placing this under the bed perfectly safe.


  • ​White color makes it easy to identify and monitor bugs
  • ​Fits most furniture


  • ​User reports about flimsy material

2. XL Bed Bug Trap Interceptors Large Bed Bug Catcher

The XL Bed Bug Catcher has a versatile design that can accommodate a large number of possible bed bugs that may lurk and crawl around your home. This bed bug catcher can fit any furniture with posts that measure 7 inches by 4.5 inches or less.

This works with any furniture posts, and would even cater to those with carpeted floors. All you have to do is reinforce the product with a rigid disk and place it under the device. You may use a steel dock washer for this. This will also help by preventing it from cracking.

This is an environment-friendly product and having in your bedrooms will not pose any risk to your health and well-being. It works effectively even without any pesticides, chemicals, and talc. When bed bugs come in contact in this, there is no escaping. The deep trap design makes all of this possible. It prevents any trapped bed bugs from escaping and you can get rid of it the following morning.  So do not be surprised to see a trapped bug inside, the morning after you install the Bed Bug Catcher. It just goes to show how effective this product is in catching these bugs!

With this product, you can save money by first identifying if there are any bed bug activities present. It’s economical because you get to survey the place first before buying any pesticides. This product will help you check if there are bed bugs in the area. You can use this as bait to catch any bed bugs crawling around while you are sleeping. This is one of the safest alternatives to getting rid of any bed bugs present in your home.


  • ​Deep trap design does not let bugs escape
  • ​White color makes it easy to identify and monitor bugs
  • ​Fits most furniture


  • ​None

3. EcoPest Labs Bed Bug Blocker Pro Interceptor Traps

With EcoPest Labs’ Bed Bug Interceptors, it will be easier for you to sleep at night without worrying about getting bitten by bed bugs! This is a 24/7 device that prevents any bed bugs from invading your home.

There are no chemicals or pesticides included in this product so you can be assured that this will not be hazardous to your health. Talc or any other powder commonly used to drive away bugs, is not included in this product. All you have to do is to place it under the bed or furniture, sleep soundly, and get rid of the bed bugs the following day.

The Bed Bug Blocker Pro can be used with almost any type of furniture or bed. It is designed to withstand the weight of large beds. This is also crafted in a way that the exterior walls of the trap are textured to allow bed bugs to climb into the pit and would eventually get trapped. Each deadfall trap has flat outer walls you can use for easy installation on corners and walls. At the same time, the deep interior reservoir makes it possible for you to secure it on any bedpost and furniture leg.

Because of its industrial-graded design and performance, this can even be used commercially such as in hospitals, hotels, nursing homes, and other residences. You can also place it under your child’s crib to make sure your child does not get bitten by bed bugs. Each box includes eight heavy-duty Bed Bug Blocker Pro Interceptor Traps. The eight traps will be enough to provide you detection and protection for at least two beds and a few pieces of furniture.

You will not have to worry about any bed bugs from stinging you and your family. With EcoPest Labs’ Bed Bug Blocker Pro, you are assured to sleep peacefully at night.


  • ​Deep trap design does not let bugs escape
  • ​Black color is most attractive to bed bugs
  • ​Fits most furniture


  • ​None

4. LightsOut Bedbug Detector Chemical Free Reusable Pitfall Trap

The LightsOut Bedbug Detector is the latest innovation in bed bug detection. It is used to detect any bed bug activity by simply placing it under the legs of beds and furniture. The product will then intercept with any bed bugs falling into its trap. It is important to note that pesticides are not the only effective killers of any pests like bed bugs. Pesticides are efficient in exterminating pests, but they are also dangerous to you and your family’s health.

By opting to go for traps like the LightsOut Bed Bug Detector, you are protecting your family from inhaling any toxic chemicals included in pesticides. This bug trap is also talc-free and does not have any powder which may eventually fall and break off. Basically, this trap is environment-friendly and wouldn’t be considered as something harmful to your health.

This deadfall trap fits furniture or bed posts with 3.75 to 4 inches in diameter, yet you may still use it even if the diameter of the furniture or bedpost is less than the recommended specs. The exterior of the bed bug detector is textured, making it easy for the bed bugs to crawl inside the trap. The product is made from durable ABS construction which ensures that it won’t crack when weight is added to it. The center is reinforced and has additional stability guards.

What sets this bed bug detector apart from others is its color. It is only available in black. What’s so special about this? This is the color which bed bugs are mostly attracted to. You won’t have to worry about adding a tacky-colored bed bug trapped visible under your furniture.


  • ​Deep trap design does not let bugs escape
  • ​Black color is most attractive to bed bugs
  • ​Fits most furniture


  • ​Might take a while to work

5. Harris Early Detection Bed Bug Glue Traps

Harris Early Detection Bed Bug Glue Traps make use of food as a lure to attract bed bugs. It should be a lot easier to use this as a trap than any other products that you can buy. These traps are great for detecting bed bugs in areas where this is placed. If you have an existing system for you to lure out the bed bugs in your home, it’s completely okay to add this early detection bed bug glue trap for you to maximize its use.

Since this is primarily designed for early detection, the food working as a lure adds to its effectivity. However, if you have some doubts if the product would pose any health issues then worry not because it is guaranteed to be safe. This product is pesticide-free with absolutely no chemical used in the formulation. With that, you can be sure that you can use this inside your home. It is even safe enough to be placed under the crib of your child! That is how reliable this product is.

The product is not only safe, it is also really simple to set up! All you have to do is to fold the trap then insert the tab at the top for it to be held together. It is designed to be discreet and easy for you to slide under any furniture and beddings without it being bulky.

Although Harris Early Detection Bed Bug Glue traps are not intended to be a solution for bed bug infestations, it will help you to confirm if there are any bed bugs present in the area before buying any material that will exterminate the pesky insects in your vicinity. It is also a great product to use to check if there are still bugs lurking after you have employed any treatment.


  • ​Value for money
  • ​Fits most furniture


  • ​Can be an eye sore, unattrative design
  • ​Difficult to assemble

Dangers of Bed Bugs

The reaction that you might get from getting bitten by a bed bug may be different from other people. Although bed bugs not known to spread disease, it can pose some health risks if you get bit by it. Some people who get bitten by bed bugs just get small bite marks while other folks get somewhat bigger bitemarks.

But in reality, the size of the bite marks do not really matter. What’s more concerning would be the sting and itchiness that comes after betting bitten by these nasty pests. These are the things that may cause your skin irritation and make you lose sleep.

Although they are not considered to be dangerous to people, severe allergic reactions may also come from a simple bed bug bite. It’s better to be safe than to be sorry when it comes to dealing with pests just like bed bugs! You wouldn’t want to wake up with an annoying itch or lose sleep because of a bed bug bite, would you?

How Do Bed Bug Traps Work?

Although they are advertised not to contain any chemicals, bed bug traps emit carbon dioxide. The Carbon dioxide that the trap emits lures out the bed bugs. These bugs are attracted to carbon dioxide which we all know is the by-product of us breathing in oxygen. That is how the bed bug traps generally work.

For the design of the trap itself, manufacturers vary from one model to another. Some designs have textured exterior walls, which would, therefore, help the bed bugs to navigate itself into the trap – to the pitfall. While other designs are just flat and plain which would work great for detection only. There are also some bed bug traps that use food as bait or lure, instead of having the trap emit carbon dioxide.

You do not need to to be oo technically-adept when setting up the bed bug traps. All you have to do is to peel off the safety sheet from the adhesive on one side of the trap and place it under bed or furniture you think the bed bugs would likely crawl under.

There are other traps that work best if talc is added on it. But before doing this, you have to make sure that the manufacturer of the product recommends doing this part. This is to avoid any possible chemical reaction that may have an adverse effect if it comes in contact with other substances as there are different additives included in the traps.


Overall, we’ve shown how important it is for you to invest in a bed bug trap. You might not feel the need to get it at the moment, but it’s important to remember that you won’t know when these pests are going to show up and interrupt your sleep. It’s better to be safe than to find out that you’ve been bitten and already have itchy insect bite marks the moment you wake up.

With that, you also have a variety of options to choose from when it comes to purchasing a bed bug trap that will fit your home. Sure, bed bugs are pesky creatures, but you don’t have to get any sophisticated device or chemicals to get rid of them. All you have to do is to make the right choice and wait for the bed bugs to show up so you can get rid of them!

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