Best Terro Ant Baits

Best Terro Ant Baits For Outdoor and Indoor Use in 2022

There are over 12,000 species of ants living worldwide. And it is hard to deny the fact that these tiniest insects can bring a lot of inconvenience to us and to our homes. They search for food almost all-year-round and since their colonies are composed of millions of ants, they work 24/7. They have powerful jaws that can help them make their way to wall cracks and crevices and destroy tile grouts and fillings.

For more than a hundred years, Terro has been dubbed as “the best bug killer” company. They have become a world leader in ant control and extermination with their wide array of specialized products that work both indoors and outdoors. We put together the best Terro Ant Baits and how each can help you get rid of ants in your place.

Best Terro Ant Bait Reviews For Outdoor Use

1. Terro 1806 Outdoor Liquid Ant Baits

The Terro Outdoor Liquid Ant Bait is a type of insecticide that you will need to attract and kill all common household ants in your home. It’s proven to be effective against ants that are visible to the naked eye – even the smallest ones that you cannot see. It kills Argentine ants, ghost ants, cornfield ants, pavement ants, acrobat ants, white footed ants, little black ants, odorous house ants, and other sweet-eating ants.

With this liquid ant bait, you don’t have to patrol the ants invading your home 24/7. Simply place the pre-filled and ready-to-use liquid bait stations in areas that you know are filled with ants. Usually, these insects follow defined trails from their nest to their food sources. That’s why you won’t have a hard time targeting them.
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Place these ant baits close to the trails to kill them instantly even when you’re not around. These liquid ant baits are suitable outdoors because they are weatherproof. This simply means that you can rely on these baits to lure and kills ants even before they come into your house.

This product is also safe for you and your family, as well. This works in such a way that the active ingredient present in the TERRO Outdoor Liquid Ant Baits slowly interferes with the ant’s digestive system. And when they release enzymes on the food they are sharing with the colony, the poison can be transmitted to other ants.


  • ​Works on most variety of common household ants
  • ​Very simple to use and easy to set-up
  • ​Attracts ants very fast


  • ​ It’s a bit tricky to follow the instructions when included for set-up

Bottom Line:

If you’re looking for an outdoor ant bait, this is the one that you should buy! It’s proven to be effective against common household ants. Now, you don’t have to worry about seeing a single ant outside of your home with this liquid bait.

2. TERRO T1812 Outdoor Liquid Ant Killer Bait Stakes

The TERRO Outdoor Liquid Ant Killer Bait Stakes contains eight patented weatherproof ant bait stakes that are easy to set-up and ready for you to use. This works for the long-term control of any pesky sweet-eating ants present outside of your home.

It’s also proven to be effective against all common household ants. It works in such a way that its unique liquid baiting technique lures the ants and kills them. As soon as you place the stakes in the ground, you might see more ants lurking. But that’s how it really works. The ants will consume the bait and leave a pheromone behind that will lead back to their colony. This is where the effective luring begins as more ants would come to your bait and consume it.

Like any other liquid baits, the stakes are also one of the most effective ones that you can buy for outdoor use. Place the stakes in outdoor areas where you can see the traces of the ants. It’s advised that you place it on the perimeter near entrances where the ants usually trail to get their food.


  • ​See-through window monitoring window on the stakes
  • ​Stakes are weatherproof
  • ​Proven to be effective against sweet-eating ants and other common household ants


  • ​Can be a bit tricky to set-up and activate at first
  • ​The product is difficult to open from its packaging
  • ​Might worry some users that initially the presence of ants is increased around the stakes


Liquid ant bait stakes are an effective alternative to have common household ants lurking outside of your home killed. With that said, Terro’s outdoor liquid ant baits are one of the best choices you can have for your home. You don’t have to worry about guessing if the liquid has been finished up already because of its see-through window.

3. TERRO Perimeter Ant Bait Plus T2600

Terro’s Perimeter Ant Bait Plus is a long-lasting and weather-resistant solution to any of your outdoor ant problems. Because of its potent solution, it has large granules that effectively kills outdoor ants. This also includes the ever-so-tough carpenter ants.

So if you tried any other ant baits that didn’t work, then maybe it’s because of the formulation. The bait also works against cockroaches, crickets, earwigs, silverfish, slugs, and snails – all of which are considered to be pests around your home.

Since this product is a bait, the ants are drawn to the sweet ingredients included in this product. But what lies beneath these sweet-smelling ingredients is a borate-based formula that will kill the ants who have ingested the bait slowly.


  • ​Proven to be effective against common household ants
  • ​Can eradicate several large ant mounds
  • ​Works as soon as you put them into place


  • ​Some users claim that it does not work for carpenter ants
  • ​Does not work consistently after the first application

Bottom line:

Although there are several claims that this doesn’t work for the ants around their home, there are still a lot of users who pledged in the effectivity of this product. What’s great is that it lures and kills ants within twenty-four hours upon your initial application. It’s also a plus that this works very well against other pests around your home, and not just specifically for ants.

Best Terro Ant Bait Reviews For Indoor and Multi-Purpose Use

1. Terro Multi-Surface Liquid Ant Baits

For your ant problems inside your home or in surfaces that they frequent, then Terro’s Multi-Surface Liquid Ant Baits are the products that you can bank on. It’s not all the time that you can trace where the ants are coming from and going, but with this ant bait, you don’t have to worry about targeting it on-the-spot.

What you just need to do is to lay the adhesive tape to the surfaces around your home, which you suspect the ants to stay, and just wait for it to do its job. You can place the pre-filled and ready-to-use bait stations on surfaces such as walls, cabinets, countertops, and floors. It’s easy to use and very convenient on your part.

It comes with a two-color design that won’t be an eyesore when you place it on exposed surfaces around your home. The bait stays fresh and sealed until you’re ready to use them.


  • ​Comes in a discreet two-color design
  • ​Easy to place in any indoor surfaces
  • ​Stays fresh and sealed until you decide on when you should use them


  • ​Not recommended to be used against carpenter ants

Bottom Line:

If you’re not keen on spraying liquid around your home for the safety of your family, then Terra’s multi-surface liquid ant baits with adhesive strips are the best option for you to go. Not only that this works in such a way that it’s for discreet baiting purposes, but you can place it anywhere you suspect the ants to come from. It’s easy to use and set-up, plus it’s proven to be effective against common indoor household ants!

2. Terro T300 Liquid Ant Baits

If you’re not the one who prefers to stick ant baits on the surfaces of your well-loved furniture or countertops but would still want to kill the indoor ants in your home, then the best choice for you to do is Terro’s Liquid Ant Baits.

You can use it to kill any common household ants by simply placing it in areas where they attract foraging ants. These ants, would then, return to the colony and circulate there. It has a new and improved snap-off tab that makes the stations very easy to use.

You don’t have to worry about the bait from drying out since there is a closed bait station mechanism to prevent it from doing so. The baits provide the stations continuous supply of fluid until it’s been fully ingested by the ants that may come across the stations.


  • ​Kills any household ants
  • ​Ready to use and install
  • ​ It has a stay-fresh tab that keeps the bait fresh until it’s opened


  • ​Not recommended to use for baiting and killing carpenter ants
  • ​The liquid leaks pools of ant killer all over the floor

Bottom Line:

Terro’s Liquid Ant Bait would work perfectly for you if you wanted to bait the ants present in your home without placing any adhesives or pouring liquid ant killers.

3. Terro Liquid Ant Killer

Terro offers various kinds of liquid ant killers, but what sets this product apart is that it attracts and kills all common household ants. This Terro LIQUID Ant Killer works in such a way that the worker ants that come close to it to deliver a lethal dose to the rest of the colony. In this way, not only the worker ants are killed, but the borax solution gets spread to the whole colony, as well.

It’s easy to use this. You just have to apply the liquid on cardboard tiles or any hard surfaces you can find in your home, and place these in where you can see ants. You can use this along baseboards, under the cabinets, and near entry points in which you suspect the ants to be lurking around.


  • ​Specifically formulated with borax to allow worker ants to consume the product
  • ​Kills not only the worker ants but allows the lethal dose to spread to the colony


  • ​Complete control may take up to two weeks

Bottom Line:

There’s really no fancy chemicals included in this product. Just pure borax included in the formulation that’s proved to be effective against common household ants. It’s easy to use, and there’s not much going on when it comes to the instructions on how it should be applied.


From all of the given Terro products, it can be said that Terro remains to be the brand to beat when it comes to ant baits. Their extensive line proves to be inclusive, depending on your preferred type of ant bait.

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