Hoont Mosquito Killer review

Hoont Mosquito Killer and Gnat Fly Trap 2022 Review

There is nothing more annoying than mosquito buzzing and skin itching during the summer period when it’s the official mosquito season.

If you are one of those people who get huge mosquito bumps you are in definite need of an efficient outdoor electric mosquito killer or mosquito repellent device which comes in many different forms (bug zapper, spray, spiral, torch, you name it!

If you are not a fan of flying insects, this mosquito killer and gnat flytrap is for you. It is an effective killer lamp and safe way to get rid of mosquitoes and those annoying and pesky little bugs.

This electric bug machine that can kill insects only costs less than $65, and you can trust that it will do its job well. Check out the full Hoont Mosquito Killer Review and find out why you need this mosquito killer trap ASAP.

hoont mosquito killer

Features of the Hoont Bug Killer:     

  • This mosquito trap has a bright UV bulb to attract mosquitoes
  • Has a powerful fan to suck in the insects
  • No chemicals needed
  • Does not make noise
  • Weatherproof
  • Easy to clean


  • Low energy consumption flies and mosquitoes machine
  • Replaceable bulb
  • Relatively quiet
  • Safe to use
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors


  • Does not zap the bugs
  • Most effective at nighttime
  • Will not work for large bugs

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The Bright UV Light

This mosquito and fly trap uses a UV light to attract flies. Place this outside, like on your patio or garden, turn it on and the just let it sit there. The flies will then see the bright glowing light and come towards it.

Flies are able to see UV light, unlike us humans. The complex makeup of their eyes allows them to see it. Their eyes are made of many hexagonal lenses that form a curved lattice across their eye.

Flying insects such as flies are naturally drawn to UV light, just like the sun’s rays. Since Hoont uses a bright UV bulb, as a law in nature, the flies will be attracted to it. They will follow the light, which will inevitably lead to their doom.

Powerful Fan to Suck the Insects

Just underneath the bright UV light is a fan. This fan will suck in the insects and effectively trap them in and prevent them from escaping. Insects such as mosquitoes, flies, gnats, and much more can get sucked in.

hoont features

Since this is not a zapper machine, the device will not zap the bugs to their deaths, it is highly likely that they are still alive once they get sucked in. There may be a few unlucky ones that may have been killed by the fan’s blades, but the chances of living are still pretty high.

To make sure that the bugs have died, you might want to take a few hours before you open the trap. Wait them out and let them starve and they will eventually die of hunger. Besides, those insects are small, so they will not fill up that trap very quickly.

No Need for Insecticides or Pesticides

Most people prefer to use the chemical way of killing pests instead of using an electronic insect machine. It is effective, but it does pose a threat to the health of anyone who may get too much exposure to the chemical residue. With this electric killer machine, you can rest assured that you are safe and not in any harm.
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This outdoor mosquito machine will not leave any chemical residue, fumes, or odors. It does not even use high-voltage electricity to zap the bugs so you will not get electrocuted. Your kids and pets will be safe around this insect killer machine.

Since no zapping sound will be made of this electrically charged torch, this machine is relatively quiet. It will not make any noise. It will just sit there quietly while you and your family enjoy the outdoors.


You can use this at home, in the office, or schools. Indoors or outdoors, this insect trap will do its job with not many problems. You can put it out by the pool, on the garden, or on your yard for your barbecue parties during the summer.

This can resist water so it can handle a little bit of rain. However, do not let it sit outside during a downpour though; it is not built for that.

A few knockdowns also will not be able to break this thing. It is quite sturdy so it will be able to last for a long time. It will not be able to withstand intentional abuse though, so better to just leave it be to do its job.

Design and Build

The design of this insect trap is really quite attractive. The lamp-like shape makes this a cute little adornment wherever you put it. It will be like a little lantern out on your yard, except it has the features to kill mosquitoes and flying insects.

The tray at the bottom collects the insects. It is removable for easy cleaning. Simply detach the tray, wash it with warm water, let it dry, and then place it back on. No fuss and not high-maintenance.

hoont design and build

If you are a lover of the great outdoors, surely you are no stranger to the many insects that annoyingly flies around. Camping is fun, but the mosquitoes that come with it are not. Having a barbecue party at night is fun, but the flying insects are not.

If you want to enjoy a night out with nature completely, you can do so with the Hoont mosquito killer and gnat fly trap. This is a safe and effective insect trap that will suck all your worries away.

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