How To Install And Use A Propane Mosquito Trap [2022 Guide]

Propane mosquito traps are a great way to rid your home of those dangerous disease-carrying mosquitoes that may cause harm to both you and your family.

The placement of your propane mosquito trap is very important as it dictates the effectiveness of your trap. Most people don’t know exactly where to place their trap.

This is why I’ve created this handy guide on where and how to place your propane mosquito trap!

How Do Propane Mosquito Traps Work?

Propane mosquito traps work by mimicking the biological functions of human beings, particularly the warm of our breath and body heat we emit. Propane traps simulate these activities using propane and making that propane come out as a CO2 mist; this is exactly the same temperature as body heat.

Mosquitoes will naturally get attracted to the warmth the is generated by the propane mosquito trap and get caught by the trap’s vacuum that sucks the mosquitoes into a net inside the trap.
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When compared to other methods to kill mosquitoes such as chemicals, propane mosquito traps are considered to be safe and thus more preferable.

However, propane mosquito traps don’t provide you with instant results as the trap isn’t able to instantly kill the mosquitoes. Basically, the mosquitoes need to be lured in the trap first. Once they’re in the trap, you wait for them to die out of dehydration.

How To Place Your Propane Mosquito Trap – Placement Tips

In order to maximize the effectiveness of your propane mosquito trap, I suggest that you follow these guidelines that I have listed below:

1. Know Where Mosquitoes Are Breeding

Knowing where mosquitoes are breeding can make the difference between being able to effectively rid your home of mosquitoes or not. It is important that you place your propane mosquito trap in a place that is located somewhere in between where people usually go and where mosquitoes breed in order to effectively trap mosquitoes before they get to your loved ones.

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According to here are some mosquito breeding sites and places where mosquitoes rest.

  • Idle swimming pools
  • Garden pools or ponds
  • Drains
  • Bird baths
  • Any standing water
  • Compost piles, dense bushes or grass
  • Unraked leaves and other decaying items

2. Don’t Place The Trap In Areas People Frequent

Since propane traps work by mimicking human body heat, placing a propane mosquito trap in an area where people frequently drastically minimize the effectiveness of your propane mosquito trap.

By placing the trap in the same place where people will be, the mosquitoes will probably (note: probably) ignore the trap and fly straight to you! The point though, is we don’t want to lessen the probability of mosquitoes being lured into the trap.

I suggest that you place your mosquito trap at least 30 to 40 feet away from the areas in your home that people frequently visit or pass through. That way, the trap will work with maximum efficiency. kayaşehir bayan escort

3. Place Your Propane Mosquito Trap Upwind From Mosquito Breeding Sites

Mosquitoes are known to fly upwind when they’re looking for a meal, and by placing the trap upwind, you directly put the trap right in front the path of those hungry mosquitoes.

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4. Place Your Trap In An Open Area

Make it a point to place your propane mosquito trap in an open area that is not crowded or obstructed by other objects such as shrubs and bushes.

Your propane mosquito trap will be much more effective when placed in an open area because it will be able to more effectively spread the CO2 in the air and attract more mosquitoes.
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Placing your trap in an area where it is obstructed by bushes, shrubs, and tall grass may hamper the trap’s ability to spread CO2 and attract mosquitoes.

5. Place Your Propane Trap In A Shaded Area

Mosquitoes hate the Sun’s heat, and they try to stay away from it as much as possible. You’ve probably noticed that mosquitoes fly around only in shaded areas and do not appear during the hottest times of the day, this is because mosquitoes are as allergic to heat as vampires are allergic to garlic.
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Since mosquitoes are afraid of heat, it wouldn’t hurt if you place your mosquito trap in a shaded area where mosquitoes are more prone to fly around.

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