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How To Use A Propane Mosquito Fogger

How To Use A Propane Mosquito Fogger – 2022 Guide

Mosquito born diseases remain to be a public health concern. Thankfully, innovative equipment and such as propane mosquito foggers help us get rid of the culprit.

In this article, we will discuss the steps on how to use a propane mosquito fogger safely and effectively.

NOTE: We’re using a Cutter Insect Fogger for this tutorial. Some models may vary in features, but they more or less work the same. beylikdüzü escort

Using A Propane Mosquito Fogger

Propane foggers offer an effective means of eradicating the presence of pesky mosquitoes in your surroundings. They are configured to work in any outdoor space. Powered by propane, these equipment provide cost effective means of eliminating mosquitoes.

Here’s a 1-minute video on how to use a propane mosquito fogger, courtesy of The Fountain Head Group:

Below are the necessary steps that you need to consider when using a propane mosquito fogger. beylikdüzü escort bayan

Preparing The Fogger

  • You should first check if the fogger has a trigger lock button. This button allows you to lock the trigger so that it will not turn it on by accident while setting up the fogger. If your unit  has one, make sure to press the lock button for safety.
  • The next step is to fill the container of the fogger with insecticide. To do this, you just need to simply unscrew the vessel that is situated under the fogger. The vessel can be removed with ease.
  • Make sure to fill the container with a manufacturer approved insecticide. This is important since there are insecticides that contain chemical components that may be denser than what is prescribed by the manufacturer. If you use non approved insecticides, the components may lodge and damage certain parts of the fogger.
  • Moreover, do not overfill the container with insecticide, place just the right volume of insecticide that is enough to operate the fogger.
  • Once you have filled the container with the right amount of the prescribed insecticide, you need to close the container by screwing the vessel back placed under the fogger. Make sure to screw the vessel tightly so that it does not come off easily.
  • The last part in preparing the fogger is to close the fuel valve and the insert the propane cylinder. The fuel valve is usually situated at the sides of the fogger. Make sure to close the valve tightly before inserting the propane cylinder.

Lighting The Fogger

  • The next step is to light the fogger. Before doing so, make sure there are no flammable materials located within close proximity.
  • You should also check if the fogging trigger is locked. Check whether the trigger lock button is pressed before igniting the fogger.
  • Once you have done the steps mentioned above, you need to then open the fuel valve. In order to do this, you just need to turn the valve counterclockwise to allow the flow of gas from the propane cylinder to the coil of the fogger. Make sure not to immediately open the valve too high so that you can adjust the flow of gas.
  • The next step is to ignite the burner. More modern models have their own ignite button. If your unit has it, then simply press the ignite button on. If your fogger does not have one, light a match and place it under the coil of the fogger. In order to adjust the fog intensity, you just need to adjust the fuel valve.
  • After igniting the fogger, you need to warm it up for a couple minutes before using it. Doing so, will give you a regulated amount of fog and prevent any sudden spit out of fog which may damage the unit.

Operating The Fogger

  • Before operating the fogger, you need to release the trigger lock. You can do this by pressing the button on the fogger.
  • Once the trigger lock is released, you can now start fogging. You also need to press the fogging trigger for every 4 seconds or so, this allows a small amount of insecticide to be injected into the coil, forming fog which is then sprayed through the nozzle.

Switching The Fogger Off

  • Once you are done operating the fogger, you need to safely turn the fogger off. To do this, you need to again push the trigger lock button.
  • Make sure to wait until all the insecticide inside is fogged out completely. This usually takes about 2 minutes to completely fog out all the insecticides within the coil. To know whether, the insecticide inside is completely fogged out, you just need to check whether the nozzle is still spewing out fog.
  • Next, turn off the gas supply. You can do this by turning the fuel valve clockwise. After doing this, you may notice that a little flame coming out in the coil area.
  • After turning off the fogger, you need to have it cooled down before storing it. The cooldown process usually takes 10 minutes to complete but may vary among different models.


  • Before putting away the fogger for storage make sure to remove the container as well as the propane cylinder. Store these parts in a cool dry place which is well ventilated.
  • Take note to also discard all the contents inside the container. Remove any debris and stored insecticide.

And that’s it, those are the steps on how to use a propane mosquito fogger. Take note of the steps above and you are sure to reap the benefits of a properly functioning fogger for years to come. levent bayan escort

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