MBOX Mosquito Trap Review

MBOX Mosquito Trap Review: Does It Actually Work?

The MBOX insect trap effectively traps mosquito species of different kind, and also some other bugs and pests that are attracted by carbon dioxide. The bug zappier comes around $80 on Amazon, and here are some of the features of this flying insect trap.

If you do not know it yet, the female mosquitoes are the only one that bite. Their mouths are purposefully made to suck out blood because they need it to produce eggs. The males? They just feed happily on flower nectar.

If the itch you get after getting bit is annoying enough, the possible diseases you may get is the worst. The mosquito populaton can transfer many diseases including Malaria, dengue fever, encephalitis and Zika virus.
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If you want to be safe, mosquito traps are available in the market that helps keep us away from those diseases. In this occacsion, check the full Mbox mosquito trap review and find out why you need this mosquito killer device. afyon bayan escort

mbox mosquito trap

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Relatively quiet
  • Does not produce odors
  • Safe to use


  • Not waterproof
  • Made of light and thin plastic
  • Poor customer support


  • The mosquito killer lamp uses CO2 and H2O to attract the insects
  • Uses CCFL lighting
  • Multiple ways of charging
  • Up to 400 sq. ft. of coverage

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The CO2 and H2O Attractants

The entire mosquito population does not leave us alone because we exhale carbon dioxide and water vapor whenever we release our breaths. They can detect CO2 even from 35 meters away. When they sense CO2, they know that a human or animal is nearby, so they go to it.

The CO2 and H2O that the MBOX emits mimic the exhaling of people and animals’ breaths, and this is what attracts mosquitoes to come to bite. Once they notice this combination, they will head towards the trap and away from an actual human being or animal.

CO2 and H2O Attractants

Mosquitoes are usually most active when it is dark so that could be at dawn, dusk, and nighttime. Since we will most likely be sleeping, it will probably be good if you shower before bed.

You have to wash away perfume, sweat, and body odor from the day’s activities and that should deal with your mosquito problem, since it’s what attract mosquitoes to come to bite.

Mosquitoes are also attracted to those things because they are like clues that there is a person available to bite. If you shower, not only will it be hygienic but you also lower the chance of a mosquito sensing you.

Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL)

The CCFL is the one responsible for generating the attractants to lure in the mosquitoes. The CO2 and H2O are generated by a titanium dioxide coated surface irradiated by the CCFL. That is not the only use of this light trap and mosquitoes are not the only ones it can attract.

Flies are attracted by UV light, and all light sources emit it. Flies can see UV light, unlike us humans. Their eyes form a curved lattice across the eye, which is made of tiny hexagonal lenses. This complex makeup of their eyes makes UV light visible to them.

Therefore, when you are also constantly bombarded by flies, the MBOX has your back. This divice will kill mosquitoes and flies that come it’s way and the light is also estimated to last for up to more than 14,000 hours.

Safe and Quiet

Most mosquito repellent machines use chemicals or electricity to kill mosquitoes and other smaller insects. Chemicals on insecticides and pesticides are not only deadly to the insects, but it can be harmful to our pets and us too. The fumes they leave behind can be dangerous when we are exposed to them.
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Safe and Quiet

Zappers also pose a threat, especially to little kids and pets. Since they do not know any better, they may be accidentally electrocuted.

The MBOX is not an electric mosquito repeller, so you will be safe from those dangers because it does not use chemicals or electricity to kill the insects. It attracts them, traps them, and they sit in the trap until they die of dehydration. They also will not make any noise because it will not zap the bugs.

Multiple Power Sources

The MBOX outdoor mosquito trap is very versatile when it comes to power sources. It can be solar powered; you can use a car charger, or simply a power outlet. In case of a power loss, you can use a power bank.

Design and Build

MBOX has a sleek design that can blend well with your room’s interior. It measures 4.7 x 4.7 x 7.9 inches. The black color of the trap makes it a small piece of décor that quietly does its job.

The MBOX is made of light and thin plastic. It may not be the toughest of materials, but it is designed to just sit quietly in the background. It is not meant for the outdoors where natural causes, like rain or stray animals, may get in contact with it. silivri bayan escort

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The MBOX insect killer is an advanced way of getting rid of mosquitoes or other flying insects. It is mimicking a human body’s chemistry is truly impressive.

This is an effective and safe fly trap and alternative to foggers that kill insects by using harmful chemicals. It is also quieter than zappers that create a zapping noise every time it kills something. With the MBOX mosquito trap, you will surely get a restful sleep while it kills mosquitoes. ağrı bayan escort

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