Best Indoor Mosquito Traps

6 Best Indoor Mosquito Trap Options For Your Home in 2022

Too Busy? Here’s A Quick Summary

If you’re in a hurry, you don’t have to read this whole thing (it took me a few hours of research and writing to get this guide made.) Instead, skip to my best indoor mosquito trap of choice:

Dynatrap Flying Insect Trap (1/2 Acre)

A much more affordable alternative that can cover up to a half an acre. Personally, Dt1050 is a good option to choose from if you fancy a versatile insect capturing device that can be moved from indoors to outdoors.

Why buy?

  • Solid build and construction
  • Whisper-quiet fan
  • Can eliminate other insects as well
  • Low maintenance rate at around $2/month

Dt1050 Dynatrap Flying Insect Trap

Investing in these indoor electric mosquito catchers can go a long way in reducing the number of dangerous disease-spreading mosquitoes in your home.

There are many choices when it comes to indoor bug traps and it is very important that you choose the right one that best suits your home.

I’ve created this handy guide to assist you in finding best indoor mosquito killer on the market this April 2024!

Top 6 Best Indoor Mosquito Trap For April 2024

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Product Name


Brian’s Rating



mbox trap

MBOX Mosquito Trap

5,000 sq. ft.



dynatrap ultralight best indoor mosquito trap

Dynatrap Ultralight Trap

1/2 Acre*



dynatrap insect trap

Dynatrap Flying Insect Trap (1/2 acre)

1/2 Acre*




Hausbell Non-Toxic Trap

Up to 2 Acres



crazo trap

CRAZO Non-Toxic Trap w/Smart Light Sensors

1/2 Acre



oxa ultralight trap

OXA Ultralight Mosquito Trap

5,000 sq. ft.



** Prices vary on online marketplaces like Amazon so we used “$” to portray relative prices. More “$” means higher price. For indoor traps, prices typically range between $20-$50, give or take. Click the “Check” button to check the current price.

1. MBOX Mosquito Trap

MBOX Mosquito Trap

This mosquito killer is guaranteed to be perfect for you if you’re looking for an indoor mosquito bait that is both stylish and functional. The sleek and futuristic design of this the MBOX Mosquito Trap is guaranteed to turn your visitor’s heads.

I’m sure that you’ll be glad to know that this product is not as bulky as it seems. Unlike most traps, this device is rather small and thus is portable.

It’s is also extremely efficient and it can work up to 400 sq ft. Besides having a long range, the MBox Mosquito Trap can be charged via four different ways! You are guaranteed to get the best with this trap!

Aside from mosquitoes, the MBox can also catch other flying insects that are attracted to CO2/H2O. You are sure to get more than what you’ll be paying for with this awesome pest control device!

At a little over a hundred bucks, this awesome indoor mosquito catcher is an absolute steal! I guarantee you that you won’t have any regrets as you’ll be getting the best value for your money with this wonderful trap!


  • Sleek and modern design
  • Great value for your money
  • Can be charged via four different ways


  • Is not made out of durable materials

2. Dynatrap Ultralight Insect and Mosquito – The Most Portable Trap

Dynatrap Ultralight Insect and Mosquito

The Dynatrap Ultralight Indoor Mosquito Catcher is a great choice if you’re looking for a mosquito bait that boasts a modern design and is at the same time portable and easy to carry.

Like the previous mosquito traps on this list, this bait kills mosquitoes by producing CO2 to attract mosquitoes and then trapping them once they get too close to the trap.

You won’t have to worry about pesticides harming you and your loved ones at home! Being able to attract mosquitoes up to 300 sq ft, you are sure to get your entire home protected and bug-free.

Lastly, the price of the Dynatrap Ultralight is extremely affordable and can be bought by anyone. You will not have to worry about budget restrictions with this bad boy!


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Affordable price tag
  • Great design for aesthetics
  • Effective up to 300 sq ft


  • Needs to be cleaned on a daily basis
  • The trap’s fan can get a little too loud
DynaTrap DT150 Ultralight Insect Trap | Amazon

Get relief from flying insects in small indoor spaces with the DynaTrap DT150 ultralight indoor insect trap. Proven to attract, trap, & kill mosquitoes, biting flies, wasps, stink bugs, Asian beetles, & more, This indoor trap’s three-way system Lures flying insects with warm UV light & Carbon dioxide.

Buy at
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
02/19/2024 08:04 am GMT

3. Dynatrap Flying Insect Trap – Best Indoor Mosquito Trap Of Choice

Dynatrap Flying Insect Trap

A much more affordable alternative that can cover up to a half an acre. Personally, The Dynatrap DT1050 Insect Trap is a good option to choose from if you fancy a versatile indoor mosquito catcher that can be moved from indoors to outdoors.This doesn’t call for any chemicals or propane, so it’s a better choice if you find the smell of pesticides annoying, which is always the case. Looking at Dt1050, you can tell right away it’s built with sturdy construction.

It gives you a boost of confidence as its high-quality build can take on the harshness of the outdoors easily. Not only does the machine takes care of mosquitoes, but it works perfectly well against other species, such as wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, and many more.

Generally speaking, its performance is relatively quiet thanks to its fan. I’ve had terrible experiences with other machines, and seeing that it sports a rather new and innovative design opens new doors. One of the greatest improvement is that when the fan isn’t being used, it completely seals it all with its structure. The chances of insects escaping? Pretty darn low.


  • Works against a wide variety of insects, not just mosquitoes
  • Effective and easy to set up


  • Bugs are only killed through dehydration so it takes a while
  • Can only eliminate a portion of insects

A good alternative is the  DynaTrap 3-Way Protection (1/2 acre coverage). As the name suggests, it lures and captures mosquitoes in 3 layers:

  • 1st: Fluorescent bulb emits UV light that attracts mosquitoes to the trap.
  • 2nd: A Titanium dioxide-coated surface emits CO2 that’s super tempting for mosquitoes. Although this coating thingamajig will emit extremely minute CO2 at best, so I’m pretty sure the mosquitoes are lured in more by the UV and probably the heat emitted by the bulb.
  • 3rd: Mosquitoes that get too close are sucked in. with the help of a powerful vacuum fan

You can check the prices and reviews of the DynaTrap 3-Way Protection here.

Dynatrap DT1050 Insect Half Acre Mosquito Trap | Amazon

DynaTrap technology utilizes 3-way protection to defend your property against insect pests. First, the UV bulb generates warm light, which is highly attractive to many pest insects.

Buy at
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02/19/2024 06:28 am GMT

4. Hausbell Non-Toxic Mosquito Trap

Hausbell Non-Toxic Mosquito Trap

Are you looking for a heavy duty lean mean mosquito killing machine? The Hausbell Indoor Mosquito Catcher is sure to have your mosquito eradication needs covered as I guarantee that this mosquito lure comes with everything that you’ll ever need to keep your home mosquito free!

While this mosquito bait doesn’t boast an aesthetic and sleek design, you’re sure to get more function over form with this mosquito trap. You can place this both in an indoor area of a covered outdoor area to make sure that this is as effective as possible.

The built-in light sensor boasts can automatically turn this device on at dusk and off at day break. You won’t have to go through the hassle of turning it on and off every evening and morning thanks to it being automatic!

The Hausbell is also extremely affordable, which makes our pockets and wallets a wee bit happier.


  • Heavy duty designed for long-term
  • Great vlue for your money
  • Noise-free
  • Chemical-free experience


  • Due to its bulkiness it becomes a bit too difficult to handle

5. CRAZO Non-toxic Mosquito Trap with Smart Light Sensor

CRAZO Non-toxic Mosquito Trap

The CRAZO Mosquito Catcher is the ideal one to purchase if you are looking to buy a model that excels in killing mosquitoes in a large area. The mosquito trap’s ability to kill mosquitoes within a radius of 860 sq feet is unparalleled and unique on the market.

You won’t have any trouble in terms of aesthetics as the modern design of this mosquito bait makes it the centerpiece in your home. Your guests won’t even know that this awesome product is a mosquito trap!

A high-tech sensor is built into this device to allow for hands free operation. You will not have to constantly go to the bait to turn it on and off every single day!

Standing at an affordable price range, this electronic bait is a worthwhile investment for anybody that is looking to rid their home of those pesky mosquitoes that pose as a threat to you and your loved ones. You will not have any regrets whatsoever once you get your hands on this wonderful product.


  • Large coverage area
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Whisper-quiet
  • Free from any toxic chemicals


  • Does not kill the mosquitos right away

6. OXA Non-Toxic Ultralight Insect and Mosquito Trap

This white colored mosquito trap is a breath of fresh air when compared to the black colored devices on my list. Once you set your eyes on this ultra-futuristic looking device, you’ll immediately get reminded of Star Wars.

Like all most of the traps on my list, this awesome pest control device also utilizes UV white light in order to attract mosquitoes then suck them up to kill them. You don’t have to worry about harmful pesticides with this bad boy!

Aside from mosquitoes, this also has the ability to capture other kinds of flying insects like some species of flies and flying termites. The manufacturers of this product have made sure that you won’t have to clean and maintain it everyday as this was designed to get empties on a weekly basis.

Overall, you’ll be getting a great package with this product and I recommend that you get it immediately!


  • Futuristic design
  • Requires low maintenance
  • Free from pesticides
  • Silent


  • Construction needs a bit of improvement

The Best Indoor Mosquito Trap – How To Get The Most Out Of Your Unit

Buying an indoor mosquito catcher is only the first step. To maximize efficiency, I suggest that you take some steps to make sure that it works as good as possible.

Below are some handy tips on how to get the most out of your mosquito killer once you purchase it!

Make Sure Your Device Can Handle Your Room Size

Make sure to check the effective range of your mosquito trap and see if it will work well in the room where you intend to place it in. You may end up wasting money if you buy one that doesn’t cover your entire room.

Turn Off Other Lights Before Buying, Check The Power Source

Most mosquito traps rely on UV white light to attract mosquitoes. For these kinds of traps, I suggest that you turn of all other lights in the room where your UV light mosquito trap is placed as other lights that are on my interfere with you trap’s ability to attract more mosquitoes.

Before Buying, Check The Power Source

It is important to consider what power source your mosquito capturing device will be relying on. A mosquito trap that relies on a power cord should have a cord that is long enough to reach your outlet.

Place It In The Right Place

You should make it a point to place your device in an area of your house that isn’t frequently visited by people. Most work by attracting mosquitoes and placing it around people tends to diminish your trap’s effectiveness.

The Best Indoor Mosquito Trap – Wrapping Things Up

These devices are absolute must haves it you are looking to protect your home from dengue and other mosquito carried viruses. The safety of your family depends on you investing in the right product, model, and brand for your home. One of the most effective ways of stopping mosquitos from getting into your home is to properly seal your windows.

So, who’s my personal favorite? Well, I’d have to go with CRAZO Non-toxic one. It has its own fair share of flaws. However, it’s totally tolerable, and it isn’t much of a big deal to begin with.

Aside from its really cheap price, what won me over is its high-tech sensor as it offers a complete hands-free operation.

Of course, if this isn’t your jam you can choose from the other 4 mosquito traps that I’ve listed above (they’re as good as this one!)

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