Bayer Advanced Insect Killer

Bayer Advanced Insect Killer Review: Is It Any Good?

“New name, same great results” is Bayer Advance’s promise as they transitioned to a new brand name BioAdvanced a couple of years ago. Most BioAdvanced products retained the iconic blue bottle and the familiar label. The formulation for a wide range of products is also the same – all guarantee unmatched insect killing capabilities. BioAdvanced …

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Desert Hairy Scorpion

Common Name: Desert Hairy Scorpion Scientific Name: Hadrurus arizonensis Size: up to six inches (15 cm) in total length Description: Usually a pale yellow green in color, they are known to flouresce under ultraviolet light. Indeed, it is very eerie and interesting to see these animals moving about at night in the field using a portable black light. …

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B and W Cricket Farm

“We’re growers of crickets, superworms, mealworms and giant mealworms.” B and W Cricket Farm has been in the business for more than 40 years of providing quality service and premium crickets. We cultivated our farm to ensure you’re only getting the best live insect feeders sent directly to your home. We are one of the …

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