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Best Japanese Beetle Traps

The Best Japanese Beetle Traps in 2021 – Which To Choose?

Japanese beetles may appear fancy and harmless with its iridescent green head and copper wings but don’t let it deceive you. Once spotted, you should immediately find ways to exterminate the whole pest population before it causes tremendous damage to your crops. Neem oil is a great natural solution when it comes to getting rid of larvae and eggs, so as soon as you start noticing beetles appearing, it's time to do a grub control!

Japanese beetles reached the US by accident in the early 1900s and have been considered invasive pests since then. They can cause huge damage to fruit trees, vegetables, and flowers. Japanese Beetle grubs or their larvae can heavily damage your turf by competing with the lawn for soil nutrients. 

The tell-tale signs of Japanese beetle infestation are plant leaves that look like skeletons. Since grubs feed on leaves, they only eat the soft parts and leave the veins behind. Japanese beetle grub on garden soil can uproot a large area of your yard and leave the grass to die.

Luring and trapping is one of the most effective ways to keep these insects away from your precious plants, and to prevent them to lay eggs, so we’ve narrowed down your options for the best Japanese beetle traps so you can finally rid of Japanese beetles and white grubs as well while keeping beneficial insects like bees, and nematodes safe.

Top 5 Best Japanese Beetle Traps

1. Spectracide Bag-A-Bug Japanese Beetle Trap2, 1-Count


Adult Japanese beetles breed and attack between June through August and it is best to stay guarded before that happens. The Spectracide Bag-a-Bug Japanese Beetle Trap guarantees to attract and trap two to five times more Japanese beetles. It uses the beetle’s natural sex attractant as a lure and does not have harmful chemicals in it.

The set comes with a lure, a bag trap, a hang tie, and two (2) interlocking vanes. Once opened and installed, the trap can last the whole beetle season or at least three (3) months. It is advisable to set up the trap as soon as the beetle season starts in June. The trap can provide protection for a 5000 square foot area but to maximize its efficiency, it is advisable to set up four (4) traps for every ½ acre.

The replacement bags are reusable and the lure is also refillable. Users are advised to empty the bags often to avoid the accumulation of bugs especially in moderate to severe beetle population. It does not kill beetles so users are advised to kill the trapped insects prior to disposal.


  • ​Chemical-free lure and trap
  • ​Reusable trap
  • ​Lure lasts through the whole beetle season
  • ​Uses the beetle’s natural sex attractant


  • ​Will smell if not emptied regularly

Bottom line:

Spectracide is one of the trusted brands when it comes to pest control products and this chemical-free trap has proven that natural sex attractants work better on Japanese beetles. Research and creativity are advised especially that this does not kill the trapped insects and disposal can be tricky.

2. Rescue - Disposable Non-Toxic Japanese/Oriental Beetle Trap (2 Pack)


Japanese beetle traps need not be complicated. It can be as simple as an all-in-one reusable plastic bag that comes with an attractant that will last you for 6 to 8 weeks. That’s as long as the whole beetle season! Rescue Non-toxic Japanese and Oriental Beetle Trap offers four (4) times larger trapping bag than its competition.

It has a floral scented and natural sex attractant that invites the Japanese beetles to explore inside. It has a funnel-like yellow trap that will make it impossible for trapped insects to come out. The bag also stays attached to the trap because of its welded design.

The most challenging part for homeowners using Japanese beetle traps is the disposal. It can be messy and scary especially that improper disposal can lead alive beetles to return to your garden. Good thing, Rescue has incorporated a slide-lock bottom that allows users to dispose of the trapped insects without touching them and without removing the bag attached to the vanes.


  • ​Four (4) times bigger bag
  • ​Slide-lock bottom for easy disposal
  • ​Chemical-free lure and trap
  • ​Chemical-free lure and trapReusable trap


  • ​Will smell if not emptied regularly

Bottom line:

The success of a trap is almost guaranteed in every Japanese beetle trap brand but the appeal to its users especially on the disposal aspect it something worth considering. Rescue gets a nod from us on this category by incorporating a slide-lock bottom in their design.

3. Bonide Beetle Bagger Replacement Dual Release Lure (For Japanese Beetle Traps)


Homeowners who have been dealing with Japanese beetles for years are in constant search of a better beetle trap annually. Some brands often reformulate but Bonide Beetle Bagger has proven to stick with their effective formulation over the years.

Like most beetle traps nowadays, it uses floral and sex pheromone trap that is irresistible to insects. The pheromone traps have an hourglass shape bag that ensures the beetles trapped will not escape. A set comes with a trap, a lure, and two collection bags for easy disposal.

The lure and a bag should last you all season and can offer protection to up to 5,000 square feet of space. Collection bags and lure replacements are also easy to find.


  • ​Comes with two (2) collection bags
  • ​Chemical-free lure and trap
  • ​Lure lasts through the whole beetle season
  • ​Uses the beetle’s natural sex and floral scent attractant


  • ​Will smell if not emptied regularly
  • ​Collection bags may not be sturdy enough to be reused

Bottom line:

Some may say that this brand is more expensive than others but if we are going to rate the effectivity of this trap overall, this gets five stars. At the end of the day, it is the lure that drives Japanese beetles to the trap and this by far is one of the best out there.

4. Safer Brand Japanese Beetle Trap w/Attractant


Safer brand, as it’s company name implies it, makes chemical-free and organic pest control products. One of these is the Safer Japanese Beetle Trap which uses food and sex attractants. These scents draw the attention of the adult beetles to the trap, capture them and interferes with the mating and breeding cycle. This wipes up a huge chunk of the population.

Likewise, the lure they are using has a controlled-release mechanism that prolongs the life of the attractant to last the whole season. Each set has a set of vanes, one (1) lure and two (2) extra large bags. The bags are hourglass shape and are in a darker shade of green compared with its competitors. This minimizes light in the bag and prevents the pests from seeing their way out.


  • ​Darker and larger collection bags
  • ​Comes as a set
  • ​Chemical-free lure and trap
  • ​Lure lasts through the whole beetle season
  • ​Uses the beetle’s natural sex and floral scent attractant


  • ​Will smell if not emptied regularly
  • ​Collection bags may not be sturdy enough to be reused

Bottom line:

The Safer brand has made its name as an organic pest control product expert. And with their Japanese Beetle Trap, they have once again proven that their brand takes the threat of these pests seriously. The controlled release attractant is also a smart thing to incorporate in the product to guarantee that users don’t have to refill or replace the lure before the season ends.

5. Tanglefoot Japanese Beetle Xpando Trap Kit


Insects have become highly adaptable over the years. This is why design is really important in considering a Japanese Beetle Trap. The Tanglefoot Japanese Bettle Trap features an expandable plastic trap that is attractive to both males and females. It is also reusable and durable and can trap a large number of pests inside.

Its dual-type lure gives out both food and sex scent to the target insects. The lure is attached to the bright yellow vanes that hold the plastic traps. This trap is guaranteed to last all season. You only need to replace the attractant for the next beetle season as the trap kit will surely last you a long time.


  • ​Reusable and expandable plastic collection bags
  • ​Comes as a set
  • ​Chemical-free lure and trap
  • ​Lure lasts through the whole beetle season
  • ​Uses the beetle’s natural sex and floral scent attractant


  • ​Will smell if not emptied regularly

Bottom line:

Tanglefoot is quite a popular brand when it comes to Japanese beetle traps. Its unique collection bag piques the interest of the buyers and satisfies those who bought it. It is nice that users no longer have to purchase replacements or worry about the sturdiness of their collection bags.


Japanese beetle traps are an effective and quick way to get rid of these insects during their season without using chemical-based insecticides. The best way to maximize these products is to follow the installation instructions. The spacing between the plants, trees and shrubs you are trying to protect and the location of the traps is very important. Likewise, the number of traps to be installed per station will also be determined by the severity of the infestation.

The best time to control japanese beetles and to buy traps is NOW. And install it as soon as you started spotting one around July. It is best to keep them attracted on the trap early this season, as soon as they start to lurk around your trees and garden.

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Do Fleas Fly

Do Fleas Fly? And How To Get Rid Of Them [2021]

If you are ever wondering whether you are the only person who has this question in mind, you are not. There are around 75-100 people who searched for the term “Do fleas fly?” on Google daily over the past month. It might be surprising, but fleas do not fly. In fact, they are considered one of the many flightless insects like silverfish, most species of ants, grasshoppers and some flies. They might have been mistaken to fly because they can jump up to 150 times their own length.

Those who searched for this query might be having the same flea concerns as you. Where do fleas come from? How did my pet get fleas? What do fleas eat? How do I get rid of fleas? You are about to get answers to all of these and more, so read on.

What are fleas?


If you have pets, chances are you have encountered fleas in one way or another. They are easy to acquire but difficult to get rid of once your pet has them. In layman’s term, fleas are parasites. They are external parasites that live and feed on the blood of their hosts. The most common hosts of fleas are cats, dogs, rabbits, rats and other animals with thick fur.

Fleas are light brown to dark brown insects, about 1 to 3 millimeters long. They have slender bodies that may appear full when fully fed. Fleas can consume about 10 to 15 times their own weight, especially the female ones. They can also last up to 100 days without feeding on a host.

Where do fleas come from?

Fleas don’t just appear on the fur of your healthy pets. Since these insects can travel an impressive distance due to their powerful hind legs, they can originate from various places.

They thrive in cool, moist, and dark places if they are not with a host. They will likely jump into a potential one in the wild. Raccoons, squirrels, rats, and other rodents are the easy targets, and they are the ones most likely bringing them into your garden and yard. Once your pets play outdoors, that is how they get exposed and become the next host.

Dangers of Fleas


As the primary hosts, pets infected with fleas can suffer from various illnesses caused by these parasites. Fleas are considered a severe threat in the pet care industry. A big chunk of the market comes from pet owners who share the same flea infestation problem on their pets.

The most common problem that fleas cause pets is flea dermatitis. It is an allergic reaction caused by flea saliva to the skin. Like any other allergies, this will be itchy, and pets will naturally scratch their skin. This may leave gash and openings on the skin that might get infected. It could get worse that may lead to hair loss on some parts of their body.

Another known danger of fleas to pets is anemia. If fleas are left untreated in a pet’s body, they keep feeding on blood and fleas keep multiplying. Younger pets can suffer from anemia because they are losing nutrients through blood loss.

The most common predicament of pet owners who are also dealing with fleas is tapeworms. The life cycle of fleas and tapeworms is pretty interesting. When your pet ingests infected fleas, they will most likely get tapeworms. Tapeworms will break off from the infected fleas and live inside the new host – your pet.

Tapeworm eggs are released in nature through your pet excrements. Flea larvae in the environment will feed on tapeworm eggs and hatch inside the growing flea larva until it becomes an adult flea. The cycle continues until you don’t get rid of fleas.

Can Fleas Infect Humans?

There have been questions like “can humans get fleas.” And the answer is yes. Since they feed on blood, the absence of an animal host can lead them any possible hosts like humans. Aside from that, the tapeworms from infected fleas can get to humans too.

How do I get Rid of Fleas?

Fleas are dangerous to both humans and pets as both can be hosts, even if these cases are rare for humans. Fleas can cause health problems to both as well, and the only way to prevent these problems is to get rid of them totally. These are the best products in the market to eradicate fleas:

1. Vet's Best Flea and Tick Home Spray


Vet’s Best Flea and Tick Home Spray kills fleas, larvae, and eggs using a natural formulation made from Clove and Peppermint natural oils. Fleas die on contact, and it is guaranteed safe for your pets. Aside from that, this can repel mosquitoes too.

 It can be spray directly on your pets, on pet beds, carpets, and other surfaces. This product is not only for control, but it is also for total elimination and prevention of fleas.

2. Victor M230 Ultimate FleaTraps -Super Savings


It may not be easy to find fleas on your pets. Sometimes it takes time to discover it until they suffer from itching or hair loss. The best way to monitor flea activities is to set up a trap like Victor M230.

This trap lures fleas from up to 30 ft. away and fleas will jump their way to Victor’s very own “super grabber” glue. If you have a garden and your pets stay in and out of the house, this is the perfect way to monitor and control indoor fleas.

3. Vet's Best Flea and Tick Yard and Kennel Spray


Fleas come from outdoors, and pets get them while they enjoy playing in the yard.  The best way to prevent them from infecting your pets is to eliminate them from your outdoor living space. Vet’s Best Flea and Tick Yard and Kennel Spray is formulated for outdoor use. It is ready to spray on your lawn, kennel, and patio. It is made with certified natural oils and is guaranteed safe for pets.

Do fleas fly?

They definitely don’t. Fleas are wingless insects, but they jump, and they go places. As homeowners and pet owners, you surely don’t want them in and out of your home. Just make sure to check out these prevention and control tips and products to eliminate fleas.

Best Tiki Torches

The Best Tiki Torches for Mosquito Repellents – Top 10 Choices

Your outdoor living spaces such as your backyard, garden, lawn, patio, and pool are just as important as the rest of your house. It can be a perfect place to wind down after an indoor dinner or make it the place to have dinner as well. But there can also be some hassles that might hinder you from hosting gatherings outdoors – mosquitoes.

Nobody wants to ruin the mood with insect bites and buzzing sounds. Nobody likes to hear zapping sounds in the middle of a good conversation. Well, we’ve got you covered, and we will make sure that it will not only help you get rid of insects, especially mosquitoes but it will also help create a relaxing ambiance and a fantastic look to your next dinner party.  Here are the best tiki torches for your mosquito repellents.

Top 10 Best Best Tiki Torches or Repellents

Make your garden a whole new world with these garden torches from Tiki. It features a modern contemporary design with copper finished metal enclosing a canister inside. The Easy Pour wide-mouthed canister will ensure a mess-free transfer of fuel. It also comes with a durable fiberglass wick that burns bright and will set a great mood in your garden.

It has an adjustable stand that converts in two sizes. The full-length stands 65 inches and will be perfect as a perimeter and patio lighting. It can be lowered to 50 inches, should you prefer light in seating areas or by the pool.

The brand recommends their own Tiki Brand Bite Fight Torch fuel which acts as a mosquito and insect repellent. Extinguishing the fire from the torch will also be simple with a metal snuffer that comes with it. Each pack comes with four (4) torches.


  • ​Flexible, modern design
  • ​Metal material
  • ​Fiberglass wick
  • ​Convertible torch height


  • High price point

Bottom line:

Nothing beats a great design and craftsmanship. This high-quality and premium-looking torch does not only serve as decorative outdoor lighting but an insect repellent too. Although the brand recommends its own mosquito repellent fuel, users may still opt for your preferred brands as long as it is compatible with this Tiki torch.

If you are looking for a true-blue weatherproofed garden torch, you should definitely look for a stainless steel one. H Potter Copper Torches are made with high-quality stainless steel and are rust- corrosion-proof. The hand applied copper finish gives an elegant and rustic look to the torch.

These torches come with a black powder-coated metal stand which is approximately 6 feet in height and 7 inches in diameter. This thickness will guarantee to support the torch itself, and it will not topple because it also comes with deck mount with the same finish. Should you wish to put it on your garden, it can be staked on the ground.

The canister holds 24 ounces of fuel or insect repellent oil which can be bought separately. If you use a mosquito repellent oil, it burns and diffuses the scent to drive away mosquitoes and other insects. To extinguish the flame, all you have to do is cover the wick with its snuffer cap attached to a brass chain. Each pack comes with two (2) torches.


  • ​Premium quality torch
  • ​Compatible to mosquito repellent oils
  • ​Set comes with a stand, snuffer cap and deck mount


  • ​High price point

Bottom line:

Quality comes with a price, and with H Potter Copper Torches, every penny you spend is worth it. It is made with high-quality materials and is built to last. You will never have to worry about disassembling the torches in preparation for rainy days because the deck mount will surely keep it stable.

Form meets function with the Legends Direct Tiki Torch. One of their obvious advantages is it comes in six different looks and colors. If you are into a modern look, you should go for Cranberry (Smooth) and Smooth Nickel. If you are after uniqueness and character try the Hammered Nickel and Hammered Patina. And if you are into a more straightforward and elegant look, Smooth Black and Smooth Copper will suit you best.

Made with rust-proof material Kona Tiki Torch is perfect for your outdoor lighting need. It will instantly create a warm ambiance and a cozy feel to your backyard or pool area. Each torch is equipped with fiberglass wicks and brass wick holders. It also comes with a black pole that is 55.5 inches in height and 1.125-inch diameter.

The torch can be removed from its stand and be converted into table-top lighting. It can be used to burn mosquito repellent oils outdoors and paraffin oils indoors. Wick caps are attached to the torch, and you just have to cover the wick to snuff the light.


  • ​Convertible from stand to table top light
  • ​Six (6) designs to choose from
  • ​Comes with a snuffer/cover


  • ​New player in the market


  • ​Convertible from stand to table top light
  • ​Six (6) designs to choose from
  • ​Comes with a snuffer/cover


  • ​New player in the market

Bottom line:

The variety of options is one of the most important drivers when purchasing, and with the possibilities, Legends Direct can offer, it will surely be a positive selling point for them despite being new in the market.

Everybody loves versatility, and this is what the 4-in Resin Jar Torch from Tiki has to offer. There are four (4) ways to enjoy this product on your outdoor living space. ​

  • First, you can use it with its long stand, and it is perfect for a wider area of illumination. 
  • Second, you may adjust it lower to be a garden lamp.
  • Third, you may clamp it on your deck’s railing.
  • And lastly, you may remove the jar and let it serve as a tabletop lighting.

Whichever way you choose to use it, it comes with complete accessories to make this happen.

The package comes with resin jar, a pole that can be adjusted from 36 to 64 inches tall and the deck railing clamp. The torch has a 12-ounce canister, a fiberglass wick, flame guard and a snuffer that is attached to the top portion of the pole.

It is easy to assemble, weatherproof, and made with durable materials. It can use Tiki Brand’s Citronella Oil Mosquito Repellent or the Tiki Brand BiteFighter Torch Fuel.


  • ​Sports 4-in-1 looks and uses
  • ​Made with weatherproof materials
  • ​Flexible height installation


  • ​Resin material fades over time

Bottom line:

This multipurpose mosquito repellent torch is hard to match. The versatility gives so much value to the product. It is very attractive, and replacement parts are also easy to find. It is perfect for those who are looking for a tiki torch that can serve them for many years.

If you need a stylish and statement piece mosquito repellent torch for your next outdoor party, Tiki brand got your back with their Glass Honeycomb Torch. There are more ways than one to enjoy this decorative torch. ​

It can be a full-sized torch at 65 inches or a shorter garden torch at 50 inches. You can also purchase separately cast iron stands with a square base to fully support the torches.

This torch has a blue glass fuel vessel enclosed in a crafted metal to suit a modern style décor. The fuel or mosquito repellent oil capacity of this glass vessel is 17 ounces. It is easy to refill through its wide mouth opening, so it guarantees minimal to zero spills even without a funnel. It can reach up to 10 hours of burn time with every fill.

It only needs a few twists to remove the torch from the stand and take it with you in case you need a mosquito repellent by your sitting area. The wick is made with fiberglass and is long-lasting. A metal snuffer that comes with it just needs to be placed as a cover to put out the flame.


  • ​Stylish and durable design
  • ​10 hours burn time with 17 ounces of oil
  • ​Multi-purpose torch


  • ​Cast iron bases are sold separately

Bottom line:

With an overwhelming number of mosquito repellent choices in the market, the design seems to have a lot of bearing when getting the nods of the consumers. Tiki Brand is investing in improving the models of their torches, and this one is really a head turner.

Tiki Brand is proving once again that they are the leader in the mosquito repellent torches category. With more than 60 years of experience, they went back to basics in terms of design, concept, and functionality with this new torch. The Adjustable Flame Rose Torch from Tiki is multi-use. See it transform from a tall stand to a tabletop light after a few twists.

It sports a rose-colored glass with a total burn time of 12 hours per fill. The metal stand has a maximum height of 65 inches, but it can be adjusted to suit your lighting needs. The glass vessel has an adjustable knob that you can twist to customize the flame height. A metal snuffer comes with the set to safely extinguish the flame.


  • ​Adjustable flame
  • ​12 hours burn time in a single fill
  • ​Multi-use mosquito repellent torch


  • ​The glass jar is prone to breakage if mishandled

Bottom line:

It sports a classic look with a traditional but very useful mechanism to adjust the flame. It gives users the freedom to control the scent emission as necessary, and it is perfect for mild to severe mosquito infestations.

If you need a table-top mosquito repellent torch then you need to check out this perfect centerpiece. Tiki Herringbone Glass Tabletop Torch adds glam to every table setup while protecting you and your guests from mosquitoes wandering around. You can use a single torch or combine several pieces in white or black color. Each fill can last up to 4 to 5 hours – perfect for a catch-up dinner with your friends and family.

It is equipped with Tiki’s fiberglass wick, and the torch body does not get hot to touch even for hours of use. Tiki offers a wide selection of fuel and their bestseller TikiBrand Mosquito Repellent Oil is the perfect one if you need this torch to diffuse mosquito repellent. Like most Tiki torches, it comes with a metal type snuffer to put out the flame. 


  • ​Decorative tabletop torch
  • ​5 hours burn time in a single fill


  • ​Non-adjustable flame

Bottom line:

This perfectly-sized torch will surely be a hit on every household’s table, it should be because it is not only effective, but it helps create a warm and cozy look to every place you put it on.

Some homeowners follow a particular theme for their décor at home. There are also those who change their theme depending on the season. If you are one of those, then these colorful and vibrant Tiki Molded Glass Torches should be included in your collection.

This tabletop torch is 6 inches in height with a 3 inches in diameter bottom. It holds 12 ounces of fuel that burns for 5 hours, and there will be no guesswork whether it is time for a refill because it is easy to see through. It has the standard fiberglass wick from Tiki that delivers a beautiful flame and can quickly be extinguished with a metal cap. Each set comes with three (3) colors – Red, Green, and Blue.


  • ​Colorful, decorative tabletop torch
  • ​5 hours burn time in a single fill


  • ​Non-adjustable flame

Bottom line:

Tiki brand will never let you down with its wide selection, and this particular line appeals to keep their décor fun and colorful while driving the mosquitoes away.

Nebraska, Kansas, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Iowa were named as the windiest States in the US. If you live in these areas, you might want to take a look at a torch that can withstand the wind. Tiki Brands’ Island King Large Flame Torch is best suited for areas that are windy all year round. Unlike other torches, it has a design bowl that keeps the wind from putting out the flame. The torch body with a metal frame with a gun-metal finish.

It is easy to fill the torch with fuel with its Twist & Pour Technology on the top part of the bowl. It also produces as much as 5x larger flame that regular Tiki torches. The metal snuffer is also magnetic and does not need a chain attachment and will never be blown out by wind too.


  • ​Designed to withstand wind
  • ​4x large flame
  • ​Easy fuel refill


  • ​Reports of rusting on the bowl

Bottom line:

 Tiki Brand tops all their torches with their largest and best-performing torch even during windy seasons with their Island King Large Torch

If you are a fan of the beach vibe, then this Tiki Swirl Metal Torch with Blue Bubble Glass will surely be appealing to you. The package comes with a cone-shaped glass vessel with a swirl metal holder that attaches to the poles. The pole contains four (3) pieces of attachable steel that only needs to be twisted to assemble.

Each 8-ounce fill of the torch burn for up to five (5) hours. The glass doesn’t get hot even after hours of use. It can be used with different Tiki brand fuels and mosquito repellents. It also comes with the standard metal snuffer and fiberglass wick.


  • ​Unique, decorative glass design
  • ​Holds 8 ounces of fuel


  • ​Non-adjustable flame

Bottom line:

This is one of the most affordable torches under the Tiki umbrella yet it does not disappoint in the design and durability aspect. It will be a great addition to any garden.


Mosquito repellent torches in the market are one of the brilliant ideas to get rid of mosquitoes in your outdoor living space without the use of chemicals and fumes from fogger or the annoying sound of mosquito zappers

It is also undeniable that it can also be a stylish addition to your garden. If you have ordered one of these torches already, sit back, relax and get ready to through that backyard dinner soon.

The Most Dangerous Insects

The 10 Most Dangerous Insects in the World to Look Out For

​The largest animal group in the world, the most successful animal group and the most cooperative type of animals – these are just a few of the descriptions that would best fit the insect category. They come in groups, clusters, swarm and colonies. But no matter how small, some animals that belong to this category are considered the most dangerous in the world.

Some of these insects pose risks directly to humans while some to its surroundings. This article will help you spot them, give tips on how to get rid of them and the dangers they may bring.

List Of Most Dangerous Insects in the World

1. Bed Bugs


​Bed bugs feed on the blood of warm-blooded animals. Two main species of bed bugs are known to consume human blood and these bugs have been existent since 3500 years ago. The earliest discovery of these insects was through the tombs of early Egyptians. They have later on evolved as nest dwellers to home dwellers.

These insects can be found in homes, dormitories and motels. The initial signs of the presence of bed bugs are bed bug bites. Bed bugs suck blood from the host in a painless way. If there is a single host for bed bugs for a few days, the host will likely develop an allergic reaction and will develop rashes and red bumps. These bumps are itchy, red and can be slightly painful and can last up to a few weeks.

Bed bugs can get into your home when you stayed in a bed bug infested room and these insects are transferred through your luggage, clothes and beddings. It can also be through a recent purchase of a second-hand mattress. Bed bugs can also migrate from one room to a neighboring room, unit or house.

The most significant risk bed bugs can lead to is skin infection caused by scratching. A host with high blood sugar may find the bed bug bites more itchy than a person with regular blood sugar. Bug bites can also cause interrupted sleep, anxiety and discomfort. The best way to get rid of bed bugs is through professional extermination.

2. Fire Ant


​Venom is a word that we commonly associate with the poison from snake, spider and scorpions bite. But there are a specific ant species that secretes a so-called venom when they sting.

Each sting can result in an instant, intense and burning pain. Fire ants don’t just sting, they do it multiple times and will surely bring agony to the victim. The affected area will result in skin irritation for a few hours to a few days. Fire ant rash will look like a pimple with pus inside or pustules.

Some people might have an adverse and allergic reaction to the fire ant venom and can lead to anaphylaxis or a severe allergic reaction that can cause breathing problems, blood pressure drop and anaphylactic shock.

Fire ants live in mounds but are also adaptable and can nest in other habitats like home walls and floors, foundations and sidewalks. Fire ants are prevalent in eleven (11) southern states and have recently reached Northern California where quarantine is now being done by the US Department of Agriculture to control the movement of agricultural items that might transmit these ant species to uninfested parts of the USA. 

Soil and perimeter treatment are done by professional exterminators is the best way to get rid of fire ants. The sting can also result in secondary skin infection if the skin is broken due to scratching and bacteria get into it.

3. Termites

​Termites are known as the silent killers of our homes. These insects work in colonies, live in a nest within the perimeter of an untreated home and garden and can cause destruction inside the house in their search for food for their colonies. They can bite humans, but that has no known direct effect on us.

Every year, termites cause structural damage to properties that cost millions for repairs and reinforcements. But just as they slowly destroy the wooden frames and compromise the physical stability of our homes, they can leave behind threats that can put the inhabitants of the house at risk.

Termites leave behind mud trails which they use as protection against light and heat. They build these tunnels from their nest to their newly-found food source. When these trails dry up, it can leave dust around the house.

Dust and termite droppings can trigger respiratory allergies and asthma attacks. There are also reports that these droppings, more commonly known as “frass” can cause contact dermatitis or skin rash and irritation that can lead to scaling and skin infections.

Termites can be prevented by subjecting your home to an annual inspection by pest control experts. If you are building a new home, the soil and wooden materials must also be treated to be termite-proof. Termite baits can also be installed in the perimeter of your home.

4. Black Widow Spiders


​Black and red – these are your warning signs for Black Widow spiders. There are two types of Black Widow Spiders, the Southern Black Widow and the Northern Black widow. Both are black in color but the Southern has an hourglass mark and the Northern has several red spots on its abdomen.

Black widow spiders are considered the most venomous spider in North America. Only the female bite and they do when they feel threatened or once their habitat is disturbed. They like dark and dry places and can be found in garages, holes in dry walls, basements, storage and barns.

According to studies, the venom of a Black Widow Spider is 15 times potent than that of a rattlesnake. However, despite the venom’s strength, the bite is rarely fatal unless the one bitten is already sick, children, old people and people with a weak immune system.

The bite can be painful right away. It will turn red and swell and in some cases, two fang marks might be visible. Muscles in the affected area will experience spasms. The other signs and symptoms of a Black Widow spider venom poisoning:

  • ​Difficulty in breathing
  • ​Nausea
  • ​Dizziness
  • ​Chills
  • ​Spike in blood pressure accompanied with a headache
  • ​Fever
  • ​Seizures on severe cases

​If you suspect Black widow spider bite but cannot confirm the bite location especially on children, bring the patient to the nearest hospital as possible. 

5. Fleas

​Most people treat their pets as companions, best friends and family members. Fleas are the most common insects that can endanger our pests. There are different types of fleas and they have one thing in common, they all stick, draw blood and cause various illnesses to their hosts. Fleas can bite humans, but they are not likely to stay in a human’s body. The perfect hosts for fleas are cats, dogs, guinea pigs and rodents.

One widespread health issue arising from fleas is flea bite dermatitis which is common to dogs and cats. This is an allergic reaction to flea saliva resulting in itching, hair loss, skin breakage and infection. This can be resolved through complete eradication of fleas and treating the wounds and scabs, to completely heal the skin and promote hair regrowth. 

Younger pets can also suffer from anemia due to the low count of red blood cells. Since flea feed on the host’s blood, it may cause the pets to be anemic and can be life-threatening if left untreated. The vet can supplement low red blood cell count with Iron and remove fleas from your pet.

Another problem is tapeworms. When your pets ingest flea, it becomes tapeworm. It can result in weight loss and uneasiness to our pets. Veterinarians can easily cure tapeworms, but fleas on your pet must be removed to avoid recurrence.

6. Bullet ant


​From the name itself, the sting from a single bullet ant is as painful as a gunshot wound. In fact, it is dubbed as the “worst pain known to human.” The largest ant species in the world releases venom when you are stung that contains a neurotoxin and can make you feel the pain for up to 24 hours. Although harmless, the pain is too much that it can make someone pass out.

7. Killer bees


​Bees are crucial to the ecosystem and agriculture. 1/3 of our total produce are pollenized by bees to flower and bear fruit. Africanised honey bee, most commonly called as killer bees are crossbred European honey bees and Southern African honey bees. These bees can quickly adapt to tropical climates and are known to produce more honey than either of its cross-species.

The danger of killer bees comes in numbers. Killer bees rarely attack, but when they do, they attack in a swarm and can easily cause 10 times more sting per bee than a regular bee. They can also raid other beehives, kill its queen bee and set up their own in their newly found place.

A killer bee sting can tremendously affect those who have bee sting allergies and those who have been stung by a swarm of bees. Since killer bees resemble to regular bees but more aggressive, it best to report suspected infestation to a pest control professional.

8. Cockroaches

Where there is food, water, darkness and moisture cockroaches are likely to linger. They can also survive in the filthiest environment like trash bins, dumpsters and sewage systems.

Cockroaches can easily carry with them bacteria and pathogens that they pick up along the way. These pathogens and bacteria cause diarrhea, food poisoning and more.

They also have a long life span and are resilient. Since cockroaches are nocturnal insects, they go around the house to search for sources of food and water. Keeping your home clean and free from unwashed dishes or uncover food can prevent cockroaches from staying in your house.

Extreme cases of infestations are possible as cockroaches reproduce rapidly and continuously. In the absence of food, cockroaches can bite humans too, although very rare. The cockroach droppings and the shedding of its exoskeleton and wings can trigger allergic rhinitis, skin allergies and asthma.

Cockroaches can be eradicated by using cockroach sprays, roach bombs, do-it-yourself traps, pest control spraying and even certain home remedies.

9. Kissing bug


​In early 2018, there have been several reports of the increasing population kissing bugs in the USA. These bugs which are native to the Latin American region carries and transmits parasites called Trypanosoma cruzi (T cruzi), these parasites cause Chagas disease.

These nocturnal insects can bite unsuspecting victims’ faces while they are sleeping, leave feces on the skin and infection starts when these feces touch the eyes, mouth or an open wound. Infected patients will feel joint pains and body aches accompanied by fever. Internally, the swelling of spleen or the liver may also be evident. An insect bite is usually on the eye or mouth area and can also appear swollen.

Chagas disease is a silent killer, it may remain unseen or unfelt, but it can lead to cardiac and intestinal complications later on. Suspected kissing bugs in your area must be reported to your State Health Services.

10. Mosquito


This small insect and its several species are considered to pose a risk to more than 50% of the world’s population according to the World Health Organization. Zika, Dengue, Malaria, Japanese Encephalitis and West Nile Virus are among the deadliest mosquito-borne diseases transmitted by mosquitoes.

When mosquitoes suck blood from humans, they use the sharp tip of its mouth which acts like a straw. During this process, the mosquito will also secrete saliva which serves as a coagulant. Our allergic reaction to saliva is what results to rashes or red bumps on mosquito bites. Diseases are also transmitted through mosquito bites and their saliva.

Three common mosquito species are known to carry diseases:

Anopheles. Unlike Aedes, Anopheles are freshwater dwellers. They are the carrier of the malaria virus and are very active at night.

Malaria is a life-threatening mosquito-borne disease. Mosquitoes carrying the infection transmit a parasite called Plasmodium. Once the parasites get into the bloodstream, it attacks the liver and the rest of the red blood cells in the body. Complications may lead to cerebral malaria and multiple organ failure. There is no vaccine for malaria as of writing.

Culex. These mosquitoes prefer to lay eggs and live near still waters. They are very active at dusk, and they can only live during hot months. They carry the West Nile Virus.

West Nile Virus resemble symptoms to dengue – fever, body pains, diarrhea and rash. Most people recover from it; however, it attacks the central nervous system and 1 out of 10, does not make it or suffer from permanent damage.

​Mosquitoes are dubbed as the “most dangerous animals in the world” being responsible to the most number of animal-related deaths in humans. They reproduce fast, some species live long and some can hibernate during the cold months.

Getting rid of mosquitoes is a lifelong effort within our homes, in areas surrounding it and even when in other countries. Mosquito repelling sprays and lotions are the most convenient way to drive them away.


All creations, big and small are wonderful. All of these insects, no matter how dangerous have a few things in common:

1. They have specific habitats and environmental conditions they survive in. Keeping your home clean and free from these conditions, then you can be assured that you don’t have to live with them.

2. Most of these insects become aggressive whenever they feel a threat to their habitat. Avoid touching and handling insects no matter how confident you are that they won’t harm you. Do not disturb their mounds, hives and nests.  

3. Signs and symptoms of insect bites are common and alike. If you ever feel weak, experience fever and joint pains after a suspected insect bite, consult a doctor immediately.

4. Most of these insects are seasonal. Keep them away from your home and garden by making sure your pest control treatment is done regularly and covers these insects that we’ve mentioned. Insect traps and bug zappers are also your all year-round solution for these insects that may be passing by your area.  

With all of these in mind, insects can remain in their natural habitats as we stay in ours. Insects won’t cause harm if they don’t feel unharmed and this will ensure that we have a healthy and balanced ecosystem.

Mosquito Magnet Executive Review

Mosquito Magnet Executive Review – Is It Worth Buying in 2021?

The Mosquito Magnet Executive is a top-notch propane mosquito trap that features intuitive technology plus a rechargeable battery that will last for years to come.

Most propane tanks on a Mosquito Magnet Executive will last up to 21 days based on our use, but the company says if you use the fuel-saving modes, you can stretch one can for up to 1 month.

Mosquito Magnet Executive takes you on a cordless propane trap journey to a mosquito-free yard at home.

Mosquito Magnet MM3300

We’ll give you an in-depth cover of how Mosquito Magnet MM3300 “Executive” really live up to its name when putting it into an actual mosquito battleground.

Check out the latest price

A General Overview

There are three important things I’ve noticed within the first 24 hours of running Mosquito Magnet Executive. Here’s what you can expect with your first mosquito killing spree with this beast:

1. You can get lit with the Mosquito Magnet Executive 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with no problem.

If you happen to live in one of the most mosquito-infested cities in the country, then you’ll probably LOVE this feature. Its propane plum seduces these critters into the trap’s basket where they are left to starve and die.

2. It’s a totally odor-free and noise-free experience for everyone.

Before owning Executive MM300, I was rocking one of those popular electric bug zappers. In comparison to those, I’m really glad I don’t have to worry about dealing with the mosquitoes’ burned remains. Not to mention a break from the annoying popping sounds coming from the electric zappers make you rest easy at night.


Mosquito Magnet Executive Review

3. No need to deal with obtrusive light at all.

Simply because Mosquito Magnet MM30 handles mosquitoes by copying human scent, and not by any other means.I’d also like to put it out there that it doesn’t only eliminate mosquitoes, but it works perfectly fine with gnats and no-see-ums.

Pointing Out Key Features

It appears that the Mosquito Magnet wanted to focus on MM300’s features for the purpose of long-term use.

These key features are here to lengthen the life of accessories by a whopping 40%.

1. Smart Technology

You may have already noticed that mosquitoes have a particular playtime where they become active outdoors.

It’s not that they have any sense of time, they use temperatures for their basis of coming out.

Their ideal temperature is 50° F and above (that’s the reason why they’re usually up and kicking at dawn.)

Smart Technology comes into the scene where it routinely fine-tunes with the external environment, allowing the best possible mosquito control in the process. While doing so, it eradicates propane and attractant waste as well.

mm3300 smart technology

LCD panel for easy control

2. Fuel-Saving Modes

There’s nothing better than saving $$$. The MM300’s fuel-saving mode feature has two distinguishable traits: It’s easy to set and it’s REALLY convenient for cutting down costs. It gives you four different fuel modes that are accessible on the item’s LCD panel.

Once you have successfully set it up, then the product automatically shuts down, and it restarts to its pre-set times, all to keep propane consumptions down to a minimum when it’s off-peak hours.

The LCD panel also works as your guide for trap maintenance, and it’s been built to give you specific cues when the attractant or the net needs to be replaced. It also notifies you when the battery is running low or when the nozzle has issues.

3. Easy Assembly

Hands down, it’s one of the most easy-to-set and operates in the market (this helps if this is your first mosquito trap!) You can get it up and running in just 3 quick steps.

In addition, you’ll be seeing results after seven to ten days upon set-up. Although it may take a month to see any significant changes, you can simply run it for 24 hours a day to speed up the process.

4. Cordless Design

Mosquito magnet is one of the few manufacturing companies that have successfully pulled of a cordless design for mosquito traps.

It uses a rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride Battery for its source of power. The fact that it eliminates the issue of being glued to a nearby outlet has definitely done wonders for its ratings.

5. Specs



Dimensions (LxWxH)

35 in x 17 in x 29 in


23.85 pounds

Voltage/Power Source

Custom Rechargeable Battery




1 Acre


1 Year

Should You Buy Mosquito Magnet Executive?

While I did put up some home points for MM300, this product is far from being perfect. One thing that I don’t particularly like about it is the maintenance cost.

Remember: You’ll have to purchase a replacement basket, propane gas tank, second attractant, and quick-clear cartridges. You’ll typically be investing $70 a month.

Also, I would spend at least an hour for every 21 days for maintenance, but honestly, I don’t find it much of a big deal since you ARE keeping yourself away from diseases. Aside from this minor issue, this works like a charm.

Best Wasp Repellents

The Best Wasp Repellents for 2021 – 7 Top Picks

Wasps are the closest insects to resemble bees. They can be mistaken for bees but they are slimmer, longer, and are not hairy. They tend to be aggressive and territorial.

They will definitely attack when they feel like their habitat is threatened. Equipped with a long stinger that they can use multiple times, wasps can inflict pain and severe allergic reaction that may lead to death.

Wasps are also social insects and live in colonies like bees. The queen’s first offsprings become workers, and as they multiply, the nest-building becomes faster. The queen is housed in the nest, and the chambers are made for wasp eggs. Therefore, the fuller the nest is, the more wasps are working on it.

Unlike bees, wasps do not live in a habitat that is made with wax. Although they are honeycomb-like chambers inside it, their nest is made with wood fiber coming from weathered wood.

They build it by mixing the chewed on wood with saliva. Wasps can build their nest in the perimeter of your home out of the exposed weathered and untreated wood.

This is why it is important to prevent wasps from building their nest in the perimeter of your home or garden. They do not only pose a danger to humans but to our homes as well. We searched for the wasp repellents in the market today:

The 7 Best Wasp Repellents for 2020

Hot Shot is a known manufacturer of insect traps, repellents, and killers. This wasp repellent not only drives away wasps but other insects as well. It is suitable to be used in areas where people do not frequent in like garages, sheds, attics, and basements. It uses a sustained-release technology that slowly diffuses vapor for up to four (4) months.

It kills flying and crawling insects and prevents new ones from inhabiting areas where the Hot Shot No Pest Strip is used. Each pack contains four (4) pieces of continuous acting insect repellent. It is guaranteed odor-free and will not leave any stains or residue in the enclosed area.


  • ​Made by a known brand of insect killers
  • ​Can be used for up to 4 months
  • ​Easy to use
  • ​Can be used during outdoor activities


  • ​Works best in enclosed areas only

Bottom line:

With a trusted brand like Hot Shot, every product comes with a guarantee that it is going to be effective. Wasps can inhabit even inside our homes, especially in places where there are fewer disturbances, and it is great to have an effective wasp repellent for these areas.

Knowing that wasps are territorial insects in nature is vital information in combatting them. This is the very reason why decoy nests are sprouting like mushrooms in the market. Luigi’s Wasp Deterrent features an artificial nest that resembles the natural nest of wasps. Each pack contains with three (3) pieces of wasp nests that are free from chemicals, powders or scents.

Decoy nests like this signal the wasps that a rival nest is already in the vicinity and prevents them from building another one nearby. It is easy to set up too! The nest comes like a flat cloth inside the container. It has an opening and a drawstring. Simply fill the nest with old newspapers or plastic bags inside to form it and hang it anywhere you like. It can be placed in the garden, patio, under a pool umbrella, in the attic or the basement.

It is made with high-quality and durable materials and can be used anywhere, even during campings. The brand also offers a money back guarantee or a full refund if you are not happy with the product.


  • ​Mimics the natural nest of wasps
  • ​Does not kill the wasps but drives them away


  • ​The material tends to fade due to sun exposure

Bottom line:

If you are among those who want to avoid wasps ethically, this is the best way to get rid of them without killing them. It is smart to use their territorial attributes against them through this design.

Not all wasp repellents look nor smell attractive, so the DecoShield from Rescue saves the day. DecoShield is a decorative LED light that emits a pleasant scent from that ward of insects most especially wasps, hornets and yellow jackets. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor use and can provide a wide area of protection of up to 300 square feet.

It uses all natural essential oils that are safe for humans, pets, and the environment. The refill can be used for up to 10 days with up to 5 days of protection after the last day of use.

It is perfect for any location, for every occasion. It can serve as a light and protection from insects during outdoor parties and campings. It is easy to set up and use. All you have to do is to stock up on refills.


  • ​Decorative wasp repellent
  • ​Uses natural essential oils


  • ​Insects might outgrow the scent

Bottom line:

It serves the purpose of being a decorative and all-natural wasp repellent. But whether it actually drives wasps away or just keep them at a certain distance is uncertain. The best way to address this is to strategically place multiple units in areas where wasps are frequently seen.

Who would have thought that in just three easy steps, you can already drive away wasps roaming around your home? The Tanglefoot Waspinator is the first wasp decoy in the market. It is a dupe of a wasps nest – true to its color and size.

It is a small, sack-like cloth that has a drawstring on top. It can be hanged on the corners of your house, in the gazebo or in your garden. The fabric used for the Waspinator is weatherproof, durable, and does not fade.

It also does not contain any chemicals and will just serve as a false warning to wasps that the area has inhabitants already. It is advisable to use fillers like recycle plastic and paper to keep the Waspinator in shape.

It is ideal for home and garden use but can definitely be used in campers, trailers, and for other outdoor activities.


  • ​Mimics the natural nest of wasps
  • ​Does not kill the wasps but drives them away


  • ​Might not work in heavily infested areas

​Bottom line:

Most of us still rely on all-natural remedies even for warding off insects. This is the appeal of the Tanglefoot Waspinator. It does not kill the wasps but drives them away. However, insects are usually adaptable and curious, and when they become overpopulated in an area, this might no longer concern them.

Wasps can squeeze through tiny openings just to find a prospect location for their nest. There are parts of our homes that may go unnoticed, especially the overhangs in the roof or the eaves where they might be exposed weathered wood. Since wasps build their nests through this material, they will most likely want to get it nearby. It is essential to protect these parts of the house as well.

The Upper Bound Honeycomb Deterrent Stickers are wasp repellents that you can simply stick on areas where other types of repellent cannot be placed. This is perfect to be placed on wooden fences, deck railings, roofs, attics, and basements. Since wasps are territorial, the honeycombs will warn them as if another colony has just started building there.

It does not emit any scent and does not have any chemicals in it. These are also weatherproof and stick on any type of surfaces.


  • ​Can fit in narrow spaces
  • ​Mimics the natural nest of wasps
  • ​Does not kill the wasps but drives them away


  • Effective for flying insects only

Bottom line:

Repelling insects sometimes require multiple interventions. And with insects as like wasps which can fly high and small enough to explore in tiny spaces, the Upper Bound Honeybom Deterrent Stickers are the most suitable complementary solution.

If you have a wasp problem indoors together with other insects, you need a solution that has broader coverage. This 4D Ultrasonic Pest Repeller targets almost all kinds of crawling and flying insects and even rodents. It produces variable ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves that disturb the insects instantly. In a couple of weeks, it has penetrated the insects’ central nervous system and will force them to find a way out of the house.

It uses the latest ultrasonic technology that is paired with a 4D magic speaker. This speaker will enhance the waves to penetrate hidden areas. So wasps that may be hiding behind cabinets or ceilings will be disturbed and driven away.

It is eco-friendly, chemical-free, and safe for pets and the whole family. It is tiny and compact and will work on any 110V outlet at home. It also comes in five (5) fun colors to match your interior.


  • ​It deals with other insects aside from wasps
  • ​It is environment-friendly and chemical free


  • ​It requires electricity and may only be suitable indoors

Bottom line:

Ultrasonic devices have proven how effective they are over the years. The 4D Ultrasonic Repellent having the latest technology and hardware will surely drive away wasps threatening to enter or are already hiding inside your home.

Raid is one of the trusted brands of multi-insect pest killers in the market. Their global presence says so much about their product. They have a wide variety of products like insect sprays, traps, and baits, but their sprays are still the top favorites of homeowners.

Their Wasp & Hornet Killer Spray is an excellent solution once you have found a wasp nest around your house. It kills the queen, the worker wasps, and even the eggs inside the nest, spot one.

The best way to use this product is to identify where the nests are. The next step is to observe the activity outside the next. If there are plenty of wasps flying around, wait for the time when there is only one or two roaming around. Stand 22 feet away from and nest and spray the product directly.

The solution kills in seconds, but it is very important to keep the recommended distance to avoid getting stung by disturbed wasps if any. This insect spray can be used on wasps, bees, hornets, and yellow jackets. It is also free from chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) that is detrimental to the atmosphere.


  • ​Can kill the entire colony of wasps
  • ​Destroys the nest and remaining wasps will never go back


  • ​None

Bottom line:

This Raid Wasp & Hornet Spray can be a dose of their own medicine for wasps, it does not only repel, but it can wipe out an entire colony. Once it destroys the nest, the wasps will not have a place to return to.


Wasps are obviously one of the must-get-rid-off insects and the variety of options to repel them is can be overwhelming. Repelling them in the most ethical way works best for them and the environment as well.

Believe it or not, they play a vital role in preventing pests that can damage crops like caterpillars and beetle larvae. They are welcome to roam around and but to stay, that’s where the wasp repellents come in.

Pest Control Atlanta

Pests and pest infestation can never give you enough headache. Termites, ants, and the worse - (flying) cockroaches - are just some creepy crawlies that you don't want ANYWHERE near your home. Especially if you have kids.

So what do you do?

Call a pest control company in Atlanta and get it sorted out, that's what you do.

But with so many exterminators in Atlanta, how do you choose between professional exterminators and moonlighting amateurs?

That's where we come in.

If you're looking for the best control Atlanta company, we evaluated some of the popular and low-profile companies in Atlanta, GA. Here's what we found.


I am, in no way affiliated with these companies nor did they pay me to add them on this page. All opinions on this article are mine alone. 

10 Best Pest Control Companies In Atlanta, GA

Vex Pest Control Inc.

Vex Pest Control, Inc. specializes in Commercial and Residential Pest Management. Get real service at practical prices from honest professionals. We will work hard to earn your business. We are confident with our work, and you can cancel service at anytime with no penalties or hassles. You have nothing to lose but those unwanted pests! Call Vex Pest Control, Inc. for your free quote today at 770-205-4242. We're here to help!

Bulwark Exterminating

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Ever-Redi Exterminating

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A & A Wildlife and Home Solutions, LLC

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People's Pest Control, LLC

Enter your text here...

My Green Army

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Team Pest USA

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MayDay Wildlife Services of Atlanta, LLC

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Safeguard Pest Solutions

Enter your text here...

Total Animal Control, LLC

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5 Best Scorpion Killers To Choose From in 2021

Scorpions are one of the toughest arachnids or 8-legged insects there is. They don’t succumb to their death with just a mere insect killer that you use for mosquitoes, cockroaches, and other crawling insects. It will take something much more potent than those.

Scorpions are also venomous. The sting is from this insect is moderate to severe and can cause burning to numbing sensation. Some scorpions found in the US can be fatal especially when they sting children.

The best way to get rid of scorpions is to prevent them and once you have spotted them, eliminate them. There are no specific seasons for scorpions, unlike other insects and they can be lurking around. But one important knowledge is that scorpions prey on other insects like crickets, cockroaches, and ants. If these insects are out of control in your home and garden, your place is also an easy target of scorpions. Read on to get a list of the best scorpion killers today:

​Top 5 Scorpion Killers


The Cy-Kick CS pest control insecticide does not only target the common pests in your home. It is also formulated to deal with black scorpions that may be invading your home. Some of the common pests that this insecticide can also eradicate are tarantulas, ants, and bugs. That's just how powerful this is. It also kills right on contact.

However, this product must be applied before it rains. Otherwise, you will have to spray it again after the rain spell. This is perfect to be sprayed on your lawn and the perimeter of your home. This is also suited for indoor applications. This product is highly potent and toxic and users are advised to take caution when mixing and applying. The residual effect lasts for up to 90 days and keeps killing pests.


  • ​This product can be used indoors and outdoors
  • ​There's no need to dilute this product
  • ​Fast acting and kills on contact


  • ​Highly toxic especially when diluted

Bottom Line:

This is the best way to completely eradicate scorpions and other types of pests inside and outside of your home. Without other insects lurking around, you can be sure that scorpions will not be interested in your home and garden as well.


The Terro Scorpion Killer Aerosol Spray effectively kills scorpions. This will also kill the spiders, ants, cockroaches, and crickets on contact. Once you have sprayed this, the residual spray of this contains up to six weeks.

Scorpions can climb up walls and squeeze themselves in the tiniest cracks. What sets this apart is its nozzle. It is equipped with a two-way precision spray nozzle that can be applied as a wide spray or into these cracks and crevices. It can reach any place where scorpions are possibly hiding. This spray can also be used indoors or outdoors.


  • ​Kills scorpions and other common household pests
  • ​Residual control for up to six weeks
  • ​Comes with a two-way precision nozzle


  • ​Does not kill on contact

Bottom Line:

It may appear as just another multi-insect spray. But once you have sprayed this product, you are guaranteed to have a scorpion-free home in no time as it kills on contact. You'll also appreciate the nozzle that comes with it. It ensures that you can protect the hard to reach places.


The Onslaught FastCap spider and scorpion insecticide is the best way for you to end any scorpion infestation in your home. The formulation is one of a kind. It is a specially patented combination of Esfenvalerate 6.40%, Prallethrin 1.60%, and Piperonyl butoxide 8.00% and came up as an effective and quick insect killer.

The formula is also easy to use. No need for you to dilute it with water. This provides a quick knockdown of the scorpions and other pests in your home. You can use this product both for indoor and outdoor spaces.


  • ​It can be used on food spaces
  • ​Safe to use around animals and kids
  • ​Can be used in indoor and outdoor spaces


  • ​Can be harmful when it gets in contact with the skin

Bottom Line:

Now, you have an insecticide option that can be used in the most delicate spaces like food stations. It is potent and effective yet it is safe to use even if you have pets and children around. However, caution must always be practiced no matter how safe the product is.


Raid is one of the globally known commercial insect killer brands. The Raid Max Spider and Scorpion killer is an insecticide that will surely get the nod of many consumers. It kills any insect the fine mists come in contact with. It can kill scorpions and 30 other species of spiders. With its powerful formulation, this can also kill black widow spiders.

You can safely use this indoors and outdoors. You also won't have to worry about it containing any harmful chemicals since this does not contain any CFC's which are known to damage the ozone layer.


  • ​Kills right on contact
  • ​Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • ​Does not contain any CFCs


  • ​It is more effective in killing pests on contact than its residual effect

Bottom Line:

When it comes to scorpions, this is, without a doubt, an effective product. You may want to give it some time to work against different kinds of spiders effectively. Nonetheless, this is a great product to use, especially if you are the one who looks forward to using products that are guaranteed chlorofluorocarbon (CFC)-free.


The Spectracide bug home barrier is a surface treatment product that can also kill right on contact. One full bottle of it will last up to a year of control for pesky bugs and insects. That's how long-lasting this product is!

It practically targets ants, cockroaches, and spiders. But it is also an effective way to combat scorpions in your home. You can use this both for indoor and outdoor spaces and is best applied on cracks, crevices, lawns and turf, and patio. It does not stain, nor does it leave any smell. You also don't have to dilute I, just pour it in the applicator or sprayer tank and you’re good to go.


  • ​Kills on contact
  • ​The formulation lasts for 12 months for the control of most insects
  • ​Can be used for indoors and outdoors


  • ​Does not work on all types of insect

Bottom Line:

With a good quality sprayer, the Spectracide Bug Stop Home Barrier can really provide an invisible layer of protection at your home all-year-round. It is most suitable for outdoor applications but it can be used indoors with caution.


There are a lot of different scorpion killers you can choose from in the market. Choosing one that will be effective for your home can ensure that you can immediately get rid of them and prevent them come back. You should also consider the one which formulation can kill other types of insects too. This guarantees that scorpions won’t get back for food. Lastly, cleaning your surroundings is the most important factor of all.

How To Use A Propane Mosquito Fogger

How To Use A Propane Mosquito Fogger – 2021 Guide

Mosquito born diseases remain to be a public health concern. Thankfully, innovative equipment and such as propane mosquito foggers help us get rid of the culprit.

In this article, we will discuss the steps on how to use a propane mosquito fogger safely and effectively.

NOTE: We're using a Cutter Insect Fogger for this tutorial. Some models may vary in features, but they more or less work the same.

Using A Propane Mosquito Fogger

Propane foggers offer an effective means of eradicating the presence of pesky mosquitoes in your surroundings. They are configured to work in any outdoor space. Powered by propane, these equipment provide cost effective means of eliminating mosquitoes.

Here's a 1-minute video on how to use a propane mosquito fogger, courtesy of The Fountain Head Group:

Below are the necessary steps that you need to consider when using a propane mosquito fogger.

Preparing The Fogger

  • You should first check if the fogger has a trigger lock button. This button allows you to lock the trigger so that it will not turn it on by accident while setting up the fogger. If your unit  has one, make sure to press the lock button for safety.
  • The next step is to fill the container of the fogger with insecticide. To do this, you just need to simply unscrew the vessel that is situated under the fogger. The vessel can be removed with ease. 
  • Make sure to fill the container with a manufacturer approved insecticide. This is important since there are insecticides that contain chemical components that may be denser than what is prescribed by the manufacturer. If you use non approved insecticides, the components may lodge and damage certain parts of the fogger.
  • Moreover, do not overfill the container with insecticide, place just the right volume of insecticide that is enough to operate the fogger.
  • Once you have filled the container with the right amount of the prescribed insecticide, you need to close the container by screwing the vessel back placed under the fogger. Make sure to screw the vessel tightly so that it does not come off easily.
  • The last part in preparing the fogger is to close the fuel valve and the insert the propane cylinder. The fuel valve is usually situated at the sides of the fogger. Make sure to close the valve tightly before inserting the propane cylinder.

Lighting The Fogger

  • The next step is to light the fogger. Before doing so, make sure there are no flammable materials located within close proximity.
  • You should also check if the fogging trigger is locked. Check whether the trigger lock button is pressed before igniting the fogger.
  • Once you have done the steps mentioned above, you need to then open the fuel valve. In order to do this, you just need to turn the valve counterclockwise to allow the flow of gas from the propane cylinder to the coil of the fogger. Make sure not to immediately open the valve too high so that you can adjust the flow of gas.
  • The next step is to ignite the burner. More modern models have their own ignite button. If your unit has it, then simply press the ignite button on. If your fogger does not have one, light a match and place it under the coil of the fogger. In order to adjust the fog intensity, you just need to adjust the fuel valve.
  • After igniting the fogger, you need to warm it up for a couple minutes before using it. Doing so, will give you a regulated amount of fog and prevent any sudden spit out of fog which may damage the unit.

Operating The Fogger

  • Before operating the fogger, you need to release the trigger lock. You can do this by pressing the button on the fogger.
  • Once the trigger lock is released, you can now start fogging. You also need to press the fogging trigger for every 4 seconds or so, this allows a small amount of insecticide to be injected into the coil, forming fog which is then sprayed through the nozzle.

Switching The Fogger Off

  • Once you are done operating the fogger, you need to safely turn the fogger off. To do this, you need to again push the trigger lock button
  • Make sure to wait until all the insecticide inside is fogged out completely. This usually takes about 2 minutes to completely fog out all the insecticides within the coil. To know whether, the insecticide inside is completely fogged out, you just need to check whether the nozzle is still spewing out fog.
  • Next, turn off the gas supply. You can do this by turning the fuel valve clockwise. After doing this, you may notice that a little flame coming out in the coil area. 
  • After turning off the fogger, you need to have it cooled down before storing it. The cooldown process usually takes 10 minutes to complete but may vary among different models.


  • Before putting away the fogger for storage make sure to remove the container as well as the propane cylinder. Store these parts in a cool dry place which is well ventilated.
  • Take note to also discard all the contents inside the container. Remove any debris and stored insecticide.

And that’s it, those are the steps on how to use a propane mosquito fogger. Take note of the steps above and you are sure to reap the benefits of a properly functioning fogger for years to come. 

How To Install And Use A Propane Mosquito Trap [2021 Guide]

Propane mosquito traps are a great way to rid your home of those dangerous disease-carrying mosquitoes that may cause harm to both you and your family.

The placement of your propane mosquito trap is very important as it dictates the effectiveness of your trap. Most people don’t know exactly where to place their trap.

This is why I’ve created this handy guide on where and how to place your propane mosquito trap!

How Do Propane Mosquito Traps Work?

Propane mosquito traps work by mimicking the biological functions of human beings, particularly the warm of our breath and body heat we emit. Propane traps simulate these activities using propane and making that propane come out as a CO2 mist; this is exactly the same temperature as body heat.

Mosquitoes will naturally get attracted to the warmth the is generated by the propane mosquito trap and get caught by the trap’s vacuum that sucks the mosquitoes into a net inside the trap.

When compared to other methods to kill mosquitoes such as chemicals, propane mosquito traps are considered to be safe and thus more preferable.

However, propane mosquito traps don’t provide you with instant results as the trap isn’t able to instantly kill the mosquitoes. Basically, the mosquitoes need to be lured in the trap first. Once they’re in the trap, you wait for them to die out of dehydration.

How To Place Your Propane Mosquito Trap – Placement Tips

In order to maximize the effectiveness of your propane mosquito trap, I suggest that you follow these guidelines that I have listed below:

1. Know Where Mosquitoes Are Breeding

Knowing where mosquitoes are breeding can make the difference between being able to effectively rid your home of mosquitoes or not. It is important that you place your propane mosquito trap in a place that is located somewhere in between where people usually go and where mosquitoes breed in order to effectively trap mosquitoes before they get to your loved ones.

how to install propane mosquito trap

According to here are some mosquito breeding sites and places where mosquitoes rest.

  • Idle swimming pools
  • Garden pools or ponds
  • Drains
  • Bird baths
  • Any standing water
  • Compost piles, dense bushes or grass
  • Unraked leaves and other decaying items

2. Don’t Place The Trap In Areas People Frequent

Since propane traps work by mimicking human body heat, placing a propane mosquito trap in an area where people frequently drastically minimize the effectiveness of your propane mosquito trap.

By placing the trap in the same place where people will be, the mosquitoes will probably (note: probably) ignore the trap and fly straight to you! The point though, is we don’t want to lessen the probability of mosquitoes being lured into the trap.

I suggest that you place your mosquito trap at least 30 to 40 feet away from the areas in your home that people frequently visit or pass through. That way, the trap will work with maximum efficiency.

3. Place Your Propane Mosquito Trap Upwind From Mosquito Breeding Sites

Mosquitoes are known to fly upwind when they’re looking for a meal, and by placing the trap upwind, you directly put the trap right in front the path of those hungry mosquitoes.

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4. Place Your Trap In An Open Area

Make it a point to place your propane mosquito trap in an open area that is not crowded or obstructed by other objects such as shrubs and bushes.

Your propane mosquito trap will be much more effective when placed in an open area because it will be able to more effectively spread the CO2 in the air and attract more mosquitoes.

Placing your trap in an area where it is obstructed by bushes, shrubs, and tall grass may hamper the trap’s ability to spread CO2 and attract mosquitoes.

5. Place Your Propane Trap In A Shaded Area

Mosquitoes hate the Sun’s heat, and they try to stay away from it as much as possible. You’ve probably noticed that mosquitoes fly around only in shaded areas and do not appear during the hottest times of the day, this is because mosquitoes are as allergic to heat as vampires are allergic to garlic.

Since mosquitoes are afraid of heat, it wouldn’t hurt if you place your mosquito trap in a shaded area where mosquitoes are more prone to fly around.